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Sunday, May 06, 2012

An Amazing Collection of Free Photo Sites for Your Blog

Just having text in your blog posts can be a bit dry. Photos help to liven things up, giving visitors something colorful to look at, but it's often difficult to track down a photo that matches your post. It's even more difficult sometimes to tell if you're even allowed to use the photo once you've tracked down one that you like. A good rule of thumb to follow is that images found in government sources like NASA Images are likely in the public domain since they can't copyright their work.

Luckily, Lorelle on Wordpress has done a lot of hard work and assembled a very comprehensive list of photo sites that are likely to be freely usable by anyone. Gimme sites like Flickr are listed, but there are dozens of more obscure sources as well.

Warning: Restrictions may apply in some cases so look for information about usage rights. Sometimes, you'll have to give a link back to the source where you got the image or register at the site.


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