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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Online Version of MS Paint

There have been photo and image manipulation sites like Snipshot and Pixer.us, but none have tried to mimic MS Paint so precisely. CanvasPaint utilizes the canvas tag that Firefox 1.5, Safari 1.3, and Opera 9 support to re-create MS Paint as an online application. To save any creations you might make, go to File->Download. As proof of concept, it's impressive and shows how close we are to migrating to a web OS.
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Reader Comments:

umm how do you use it?

because i really need something like this.

My computer deleted MSPaint while trying to free up disk space.
So i can no longer find Paint.



gow my computer, local disk ,windows and u should see MS paint there CHEERS!!!

same thing happened to me, but i did what u said and its not there!

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