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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Backup Your Gmail Account: Don't Lose All Your Email

Recently, Google confirmed rumors in the blogosphere of mass deletions of 60 Gmail accounts. That, plus news of other Gmail vulnerabilities should prompt all Gmail users to backup their accounts. There are two ways: you can either forward your email to another account or download it onto your computer (or both).

In the first, you keep more free disk space on your computer, but you'll be depending on your other account's stability. You'll want to go to Settings, then Forwarding and POP. Select Forward a copy..., and enter an email address. Then Save Changes.The second method enables POP access on your Gmail account so you can download all your email to your computer. If you're still in Forward and POP, select Enable POP for all mail and Save Changes. Then follow Google's guide to configuring your desktop email client.


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hi i want to open anew account in gmail .com
so please give me hint for that

go to gmail.com

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