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Friday, August 29, 2008

Miss Wasilla Photo Gallery (Sarah Palin)

Sarah Palin, the former Miss Wasilla, has just been announced as John McCain's running mate. The 44-year-old governor of Alaska was elected in 2006, but before that, she served as the Mayor of Wasilla, a small Alaskan town near Anchorage with a population just under 6,000.

In order to win a college scholarship, Sarah Palin took part in many beauty contests, winning the crown of Miss Wasilla in 1984 before finishing second in the Miss Alaska contest. Afterwards, Miss Wasilla went on to study journalism in college and even worked on a fishing boat, but she eventually settled on a life in politics. Her first appointment was to the Wasilla City Council, but she worked her way up to Governor of Alaska after defeating the incumbent Republican governor.

However, the former Miss Wasilla ran into trouble when she tried to fire an Alaska State Trooper, Mike Wooten, who also happened to be in the process of divorcing her sister, Molly McCann. When the Commissioner of Public Safety refused to fire Wooten, he was fired. Now, she is under investigation for possible ethical violations and abuse of power.

Miss Wasilla Photo Gallery

Miss Wasilla

Miss Wasilla

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin with Family

Sarah Palin with Family

Sarah Palin on Vogue

Sarah Palin on Vogue

Sarah Palin Holding Fish

Sarah Palin Holding Fish

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Reader Comments:

This has won me over as a former hillary supporter.I will now support Sarah Palin.And be part of making history by electing the first female vice president!!

Are you kidding me? McCain's veep choice is clearly an insulting and a shallow ploy to pander to women. Voting for Palin because she is a woman is no substitute for the substantial platform that Hillary Clinton was running on. My vote is still for Obama.

Good catch McCain!
And she will take half the Hillary voters for McCain!

She seems an admirable person, but premature in her career for this position.

Interesting fact: Although Palin is the first female GOP VP nominee, she is the second female VP candidate in US history. The first being Geraldine Ferraro, who was the Democratic VP candidate to former Vice President and Presidential candidate, Walter Mondale. (Mondale served under Carter. That election of Mondale-Ferraro was lost to Reagan-Bush)

She seems honest, likable, and the more I find out about her, more qualified than Obama. She was an executive in government before Obama even ran for his first political office.

hillary got into politics while her husband banged other women. Palin got into politics while her husband helped her raise 5 kids. right??? riggghhttt???

That is exactly my point, Jhon McCain barrowed a page from Bush and Cheney to capitalize on some american's vulnerability.

Some people just don't get it or better yet, don't want to wake up

Everyone with a high school ed. knows that Ferraro was the first female VP candidate, but thanks for letting the drop-outs know.
Palin is running for VP and has more executive experience than Obama who has NONE and he is running for the top spot, in case you hadnt heard.

Obama wants change .....Well here she is! Obama picked one of the "Washington Good 'Ole Boys". McCain picked someone as far from Washington as you can get. Good for him. He now has my vote.

She will take half of the Hillary voters but all that means is that McCain still loses by a smaller margin. I live in Minnesota and the Nation joked about how an X wrestler could be qualified as governor. Well, how qualified is a beauty queen to run the country? It's an issue because McCain, at 72 could kick off anytime and as we found out with Bush, it only takes a person about 6 months of running the country to really screw it up.

This is Lame. McCain airballed on this one. He fell into a liberal trap of trying to score diversity points. John you can't try to appease the liberals and play their game. The real counter to Obama-Biden team should have been more experience and charisma.

What a Joke. The democrats have a great convention and now they get a christmas present!

I just know the second McCain gets into office, he'll flip like John Kerry and sell us out all over again. Let Obama have it, we'll rebuild the party on his failure.

photoshop onthe
Vogue is a little obvious

Nice Rack.....I'm on board

Her looks are vastly overrated. So are her aptitude and experience.

Nominating her for VP may well be the most cynical act in the history of American political campaigning. It's predicated on the notion that all women want to vote for a woman because she's a woman. If you follow that line of logic, blacks will only vote for blacks, Latinos for other Latinos.

Sarah Palin has brought out the contrast between the DNC and the RNC in a most unmistakeable way. Last Friday, Obama was pompously coronated in a backdrop for Zeus, though it was alleged to be a White House backdrop. Tuesday's RNC Convention, on the other hand, was muted by Hurricane Gustav, but scarred by DNC & Anarchist "Protest" and Vandalism.

True, the GOP had a fundraiser among the delegates, but for the prosective Hurricane victims. Bush, McCain, Jindel, FEMA, and others went to their command center in Texas to blunt the effects of a storm which was every bit as powerful as Katrina. The reason that Bush succeded with Gustav when he failed with Katrina was the obstructionist Governor Kathleen Blanco, who saw too it that Bush & FEMA could do naught during Katrina. The Republicans showed themselves also ready for the next storm, due to hit on Friday.

What did the Democrats do? The ganged up upon the VP Candidate for having a Down's syndrome baby instead of an abortion. The poor woman is experiencing a tragedy as her own 17 year old daughter is pregnant, but at least getting married. Again, the Democrats harp that there should have been an abortion instead of a marriage. Obama's parents never married. Should there hae been an abortion? Obama favors abortions for survivors of botched abortions. What is the statute of limitations? Why then is 47 years, Obama's age, too late for such an abortion?

I was a former Hillary supporter. The lack of compassion among the Democrats appalls me. I certainly don't want the DNC governing me after what I saw at the Conventions!

Of course she was picked to grab the shallow Hillary-because-she's-female voters.

The only people to whom it's not obvious are the shallow Hillary-because-she's-female voters.

Biden was picked to stop the "inexperienced" attacks on Obomba. The genius of picking Palin now is that the Demo's can't throw "inexperienced" at her without opening up that whole can of worms against Obomba again.

But who cares? I'm writing in Ron Paul.

The cover of Vogue is a Photoshop project - isn't it obvious?

McCain is a maverick after all.

What better way to sabotage the election, and hand over the baton to the Democrats, than by picking an impossible VP candidate?

People don't seem to be getting it, but this is McCain's way of socking it back to Karl Rove for his smear campaign against him about an illegitimate black child.

OH COME ON! You migrate to the senile old war-mongering idiot candidate .. with the worse policies possibly ever seen...because he picks a WOMAN as a running mate! You really do deserve what you get if you're that shallow. You've had 8 years of being lied to by the worlds only alcoholic brain donor - GOOD EFFORT by the way - and you STILL can't see the truth..amazingly I'm not that surprised.. given the average IQ of your country is below 100. However, unfortunately the morons you pick ruin the lives of the rest of us on this rock. The Idiot Bush and his ass suckers (see: Republicans in Thesaurus)have failed, not just you but humanity as a whole...utterly miserably and on a global scale - is it not time to give someone else chance to clean up the MASSIVE sh*t pile you idiots have created?? THINK BEFORE VOTING - if you have the capability of rational thought..which - if you're republican - you probably don't have.
There's more to this than abortions, the nazi-style invasion of Iraq and whether or not Obama is a 'real' black man and not a Muslim (HEAVEN FORBID .. you racist scumbags)
Watching this from the outside is pathetic, reading this makes me realise that the reason for this is the people who vote are also reasonably pathetic - RNC...a shining light on the American political landscape...HA HA... NOT!!!
Any chance you morons can uproot your stinking pit of a country and park it on the dark side of the moon until you sort your sh*t out? Do us all a favour?

yea anonymous you write about voting for Palin because she is a woman, what do you think that most black voters are doing. Voting for Obama because he is black. In reality he isnt african american he is an american, I think that people are forgetting he is half WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!
This passage out of his book states that if he were to get into trouble he would revert back to him Muslim religion and I for one do not want that in the White House>>>>>>>>
GO Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not fooled,...I have an extremely similar family situation...I do not think she is so wonderful,...we are not talking a 9-5 job,...but a job that will take her away from her family much of the time,...I have four children,...three are older,..last one is almost two years,.. 20 year difference from the first,...much like her even Same marriage,..I am also the same age as her and am all about a women working and handling a family but this is too much! With women it's all about balance, it should not be about herself at this time,..it really should be about her special needs baby at this moment!

Then you miss are a moron!!!

Ms. Pilan is willing to sarifice womans rights to choice for oil!!

If she does get in i hope she takes your right to choice away first!!

Good grief. McCain and his Rovian handlers have selected a relatively inexperienced woman, with whom he has had less than an hour's contact, as his VP?? They clearly believe that it only takes a female on the ticket to get female votes: how ignorant and condescending. The idea that Hillary voters will immediately flock to the support of just ANY woman is demeaning, chauvinistic and misguided. There is FAR too much at stake in this presidential election to vote for someone simply because she has breasts. This woman has as much in common with Clinton as McCain does -- in other words, nothing. Look at her politics (Troopergate, book banning, an end to evolution in our schools), not her body.

The Vogue cover photo is a fake.
She was in Vogue magazine, but she was not on the cover -- it is a photoshop.

I think the other photos are legit.

Reminds me of a STEPFORD WIFE!
Please stay in Alaska and take care of the moose (and get some moose in that hair)

A Biden she ain't - She is Pale-in
comparison. And McCain's phony smile is so old ~~~ like him. Time to retire to Alaska John!

I just can't wait for the Enquire to release the newest news on Sarah Palin and her affair. A story that inspite of McCain's threats of law suit, the Enquire stand by. Hey they broke the Edwards affair too. Bad Bad choice for the Rebublicans. Oh by the way you all know that when she thought she could earmark the money for the bridge to nohwere she was very very much for it, well documented LIE. Not to mention the lies about how she got more votes than Biden did in the Presidential election. One more Republican liar they don't have my vote.

Great MILF!

What exactly has won you over??? The fact that she's holding a fish?? Or just the fact that she is in fact a she? Truly pathetic. I read some of the things people give as "reasons" to vote for a Vice Presidential candidate, or Presidential Candidate even, and come very close to dismissing all of humanity. Obviously there are far too many people in this country who truly misunderstand the way things work here. The office of President and it's staff are far too important to be reduced to a damn beauty contest, and that's not a slam on Palin. Does it not worry anyone that this woman has been caught lying, just like damn near the entire Bush administration??? Voting for this woman because she's female or "hot" (which she's not) would give people justifiable cause to say that people only voted for Kennedy because he was handsome. And hopefully we all know that's not the way it works.

The lack of outrage in the torn nation is shocking, and frightening. Have we allowed ourselves to be so dumbed down that we can't see the sheets being pulled over our own faces? I challenge all of you idiots to prove me wrong. Do some damn research, read a newspaper, or an essay or something. Educate yourselves then come back and argue your point with some validity. The thought of widespread ignorance in this country is enough to make an educated person ill at the mere mention of it, let alone to see you people's righteous indignation at your own stupidity!

Where's the NOW crowd this time. A woman is being trashed for simply being a woman; a woman of substance and passion, who is in charge of her life - not men. Isn't that what NOW is supposed to hold so dear? Or do they only support liberal women? Or only women who share their ideology. Sad, really, that NOW has become obsolete.

Gov. Palin has been on the national scene for some time now, if you actually pay attention to national politics you would have noticed her before. People who claim that GOV. Palin is not qualified or lacks experience to become Commander In Chief, if, God forbid, it becomes necessary are blind or ignorant, and easliy led by the (liberal) media. (Us weekly magazine editor admitted the article was not researched and had nothing to back it up, but they needed something for press!!!)

As the sitting Governor of the 2nd largest energy economy in the country, she does in fact oversee Billions of dollars in that state's budget. No comparison to Obama's campaign coffers - as he himself suggested, offering that up as his experience.

What is really infuriating is that he so easily dimisses her when she so clearly has more executive excperience than he does - dare I say, than do all the other nominees. They are Senators and she is a Governor. They sit around all day stalling the people's business so they can be deliberately mean and rude to each other trying to always out-manuver, out think, and out PR the other party, while nothing worthwhile gets done. Obama voted "present" 160+ times as state senator and at the recent forum in Orange County CA he answered a question by saying it was too far above his pay grade to answer. Do we really want someone in the Oval Office who is, by his own admission, incapable of making a decision or admittedly too stupid to understand the issues!!!

If being the governor of a large economic state that borders two other countries isn't executive experience enough, how in the world did little known, can't-get-him-out-of-the-state-fast-enough Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, or peanut farmer Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter, or actor turned statesman California Governor Ronald Reagan all get elected!!!???????!!!

Come on people, quit your whining and look at reality. She's the Vice Presidential nominee - what do they do - really? This is just an exercise in futility to pull the attention away from Obama because he has nothing of substance to say - like Eddie Murphy in the movie the Distinguished Gentleman - the lies and accusations are just hot air because Obama is simply scared and is lashing out, typical juvenile behavior!!!

But, if you want change (pronounced "socialism")and wealth redistribution (pronounced "socialism")and universal, governmemt run health care (pronounced - well, did I mention socialsim?)then by all means, vote Obama, buy a compass, and get out your prayer rug!!

Check Mate, Democrats!

Hi Mr. Anonymous, 5:25pm. Just a few points in response. I'm not sure if you caught the convention speeches by Obama, McCain, and Palin, but there was far more actual content in Obama's speech. While McCain/Palin never mentioned education, the middle class or health care, Obama gave a specific point-by-point list of goals for his administration. I'd check it out.

Obama has sponsored over 800 bills, and authored 150 of them. He excelled at some of the top schools in the country, and made real change in people's lives as a community organizer (just so you know, here are some other people who were community organizers: Susan B Anthony, MLK, Gandhi, George Washington). Palin switch schools 5 times before graduation from a state college in Idaho, had her car wash business shut down by the government, is under investigation for misuse of power, and unsucessfully tried to sell a jet on Ebay.

Finally, Obama is not Muslim.

Gov. Palin is a smart lady and it is high time the Republicans give a woman a VP slot. Did anyone bitch and moan and whine when the Dems had Ferraro on the ticket? I doubt it. We are not a nation of whiners. But we do have our fair share, to be sure, many of who are right here posting their jejune whines. Would you like some cheese with your whine?

I think McCain's selection of Sarah Palin is a not too subtle insult to all women. It shows bad judgement and insensivity.
Obama chose Biden. Now McCain thinks he can get Hillary votes just because Sarah is a woman. Does he think Jane Q. Public is that unsophisticated?
Do not underestimate Jane Q Public Mr McCain.


It is clearly obivious to the those of us who are open minded and willing to accept the truth that Sarah Palin and John McCain are not illustrating change but the desire to reduce the middle class to the status of the poor class. They desire to increase the gap between the rich and the middle class. Sarah Palin's selection would have been historical and meaningful if it was for the right reasons.
John McCain only desire to have women that he can show off and illustrate excitement about. He is 72 and she is 44 a 28 year ages difference. He is 18 years older than Cindy McCain. Alaska has approximately 800,000 people. Sarah Palin takes the money for the Bridfe to nowhere project and cutting funding for education in Alaska, she reduce special education funding in public schools by 65%,President Bush and John McCain gave us No Child Left Behind and no funding for it. John McCain who has been in Washington for 25 years says country first because he wants to be first.
Who will pay the 5 trillion dollars for his plan. We will reach the 14 trillion dollar mark in the national debt. Lets drill, drill, and drill in Alaska and destroy God's planet all in the name of McCain and Palin. I am pleased to see that our children, elderly, working citizens, and educational institutions will suffer. Teachers will lose their jobs under the voucher system and America will build lots of prisons to house your friends and children. Sarah Palin and John McCain will rejoice in the thought of How We Got Over. Sarah Palin has issues related to equal rights for all people. I am please to see that Sarah Palin can not be touch because she is a woman and a former Miss Alaska who attended 6 universities to earn her prior to earning her degree. She will learn that the road to the White House is full of compromise not false statements. She is not allowed to talk without McCain and he has no program to heal the country. Since he can not support George Bush and Dick Chaney who he voted with 90 percent of the time then I can not vote for him. Those who support him should be honest they either can not accept Obama/Biden or they support the principles and practices of the past. Since Sarah Palin feels an organizer has not responsibilities then she better surrender her voting rights that the women movement fought to give her, and the fight that Abraham Lincoln presented to end a misjustice, and the wonderful work of women who supported the American revolution.
She may be a tough govenor in Alaska but she is weak on American History. She accepts the rewards of politics but state the truth as she is instructed. Welcome to the real world Sarah Palin because the United States Senate can impreach the president and the vice president should they be found to have abused or misuse their authority. If you believe the 7 month old child is hers then I will sell you all space on the Atlantic ocean you want to buy. That would be difficult since it is not my ocean.

I believe she is a down to earth person...But McCain has only picked her as a vp to sway all of the women voters...as for me i will be voting for Obama he is the person that this country so despritly needs...

She has nothing in common with Hillary, except her gender. How can anyone, who supported Hillary, find something to support in this ridiculous woman?

Palin could only woo over the ignorant. She was into smoking pot and does not want to discuss the harsh policy issues at hand. As a Baby Boomer I do not drink, smoke, swear, or do any form of drugs. And the thought of having any of my rights taken away is unconstitutional. I am Pro-Choice, which does not mean I am for or against abortion. Palin is not a person of substance if she cannot address the issues. Ask those who found she cut education in Alaska (even for the special education). Check out the articles on the internet...there is much more than meets the eye.

Why does she America so much ?

We as Americans do not need anymore DUMB REDNECKS in the white house thank you very much and how the hell is being from a small town a qualification??? Come on.....we have already tried this kind of person and it just didnt work..

Yeah, and Obama tabbed a white, moderate (pro-life) VP. Who's pandering?

Voting for someone because she is a woman is insulting.... It is like voting for someone because they are black... hey wait..... Isn't that the affirmative action that is being touted?

The posts below by the previous "Anonymous" sound off like that of a paid right-wing propaganda agent. Either that or a mindless drone whose brain has been usurped by ... right-wing propaganda agents. That's just the way it looks to me.

Those accusing sarah Palin of lying are the truly ignorant ones who only glimpse the liberal headline without reading the WHOE story. Do your research(i.e. Washington Times). Read the rest of the story and find out the truth!
She is conservative! That is why intelligent women (and men) will vote for her!

Sarah is a hot conservative mom.
This will gain many votes of both genders.

You babbling idiots of the left that don't think women should vote based on gender just remember that it was your side of the aisle that has embedded feminism (blatant sexism) into our culture. You may thank yourselves for such "shallowness".

Also, Fauxbama and his racist skank are getting 99.9% of the black vote. Voting on skin color (blatant racism) is another shallow aspect of the left.

If Fauxbama wins and the DNC wins more of congress, we will have our first communist dictatorship.

May socialist scum lose every election in every part of the world and may we crush the ones that have already outlawed their opposition.

We have suffered them long enough.

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Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy!!!

As a teen, my dad would say "date girls who are Democrats but marry a Republican".

Of course, the thinking was that Democratic chicks were hot 'babes-gone wild' while the Republican "ladies" were plain gals suitable for wives.

Well..if a Republican can be as hot as Gov. Palin, she's got my vote!

But seriously, based on what I’ve read about her, she is as formidable a candidate as Sen. Hillary Clinton…without the extra “I did not have sex with that woman” Bill baggage.

How does a self-proclaimed-secular, representative government allow god-fearing, Christian ideals to dictate policy? While you can never really separate church and state, you can certainly make an effort to preserve the intentions of the framers of the constitution. It seems that the republican party continues to play on the personal beliefs of a large percentage of the US population who want their will forced on others. Instead of focusing on issues that matter, the republican party illustrates how obtuse many of their supporters are by feeding on faith-based, religious fears through sometimes contradictory positions on abortion, capital punishment, and gay rights. How can you be both pro-life and pro-capital punishment? And why is the bible used to define marriage in a secular government? As for the latter, how is a Christian marriage affected by a government document titled: "Marriage Certificate" that is issued to two people of the same sex? Even more to the point, how did we get from being the envious example of personal freedom that was loved and respected world wide to being hated as a country who would rather keep their guns, prevent gay marriage, and drive out abortion than vote for representatives that would take our responsibility to foreign affairs seriously. Contining the policies of the current administration contiues our isolationist momentum and does nothing to restore our image in the eyes of the rest of the world. This needs to stop.

Please do not vote for this woman who thinks her national security credentials are that she thinks she can see Russia from her house.

That's not really sufficient... as any person with half a brain will tell you.

Anonymous said, "Even more to the point, how did we get from being the envious example of personal freedom that was loved and respected world wide to being hated as a country who would rather keep their guns, prevent gay marriage, and drive out abortion than vote for representatives that would take our responsibility to foreign affairs seriously."

The answer is, we didn't.
The rest of the world turned into a miserable socialist box of rocks and they hate us for not following suit fast enough.
They really shouldnt worry so much though.
We are just as Gomorrahn as they are for the most part.
We just haven't quite finished committing economic suicide yet.

If Fauxbama wins, we just might join them in their blind idiocy.

McCain sent operatives to Alaska to intimidate witnesses in Troopergate. Do you call this governing?

Should be interestimg in the oral office.

oh sobellini...you can do better than that yes?

As European I'm following with great interest this passionate 2008 election campaign. Even though we obviously have a different point of views, we can easily access the online information about the candidate. Honestly, if I was american I'd vote for Obama, but when McCain presented as VP Sarah Palin, my first reaction was : Good move McCain...now you think you'll get the votes from american women!very clever, but dangerous!" As a woman I wouldn't vote for a woman just because she's a woman, it's not enough for me. Speaking about this "perfect" woman, without offense for her, but how can you believe a woman who strongly is against abortion and support sex abstinence but has a 17 years old daughter pregnant? Did she explain to her own daughter how it works? And McCain? How can he plan a future of a country when it's likely that he never see this future? How can he understand the need of an high technological country, when he's not able to turn on a computer? Don't you think that he's too much a copy of the worst president you ever had? You live in a free country and you have the right to vote the candidate you want. But Obama is the real change, and in Europe we really support him. So do the right thing, because the result of this election will affect the rest of the world.

I think morgan is stupid. If you believe Alaska is like the population of California, you are retarded. I describe you and all republicans uneducated fools, if you agree with Mcsame choice of Palin.

Bring Hillary's votes over to McCain/Palin? Yeah uh huh. Hillary's supporters are liberals. Palin's as far right as you can get. I do not know even ONE woman who intends to vote for that vacuous bimbo.

hey numnutz, you really think that photo you got up there of palin on vogue is palin? some1 photoshopped her head on a model's body. loozah...

Voting for Palin just because she's a woman is like those of you that are voting for Obama just because he's black. Both reasons for voting for either one of them makes you the ultimate retard.

For the European Anonymous - no one cares what you people think! Your support of Obama is enough in itself to vote the other way!!
We are AMERICANS - not Europeans!!! There is a reason for this - okay, many reasons. No offense. ~~ Although the average US IQ is higher than you give credit (no telling what the European average is) mine is 141; so there are some over on this side of the pond who are smart enough to know and understand what is happening here, unlike the idiots who spew stupid empty talking points who have unfortunately been granted the right to vote! But we are Americans, dammit, and any idiot can vote!

I am voting for McCain/Palin. Obama is a liar, lazy, and incompetent.

McCain might be old but he has the country at heart. Obama doesn't. Gov. Palin has more executive experience than the other three candidates combined. She and her husband earned $166,000 last year - she knows what it's like to sit around the dinner table at night trying to figure out how they are going to put the kids through college or take the family vacation; she knows what a loaf of bread costs, etc. She's the only hope we regular working Americans have in the times ahead because she is one of us.

FYI - you will never convince me Obama is not Muslim. Obama is a Muslim. He was recorded admitting it and talking about it, repeatedly. And recently in a tv interview the discussion turned to religion and Obama said he was "tired of defending [his] Muslim religion." The interviewer said "You mean your Christian religion?" Obama, flustered said "Yeah, my Chrsitian religion."

Recent articles in European and Middle Eastern papers have many Muslim leaders saying how excited they are to have him as our President because of what it will mean to Muslims everywhere. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and we are a Judeo-Christian nation, even if Obama thinks we aren't and says he is proud that we aren't! And no, I do not want a (lying) Muslim as President. Why does he lie about it? What is he hiding? What is he waiting for?

Abraham Lincoln, who had the gift of prophecy and foresaw his own assiasination, warned us that the destruction of the United States would come from within, not without, and from the top down. The Bible Code lists Obama with the end of the world.
Saddam Hussein did indeed have nuclear capabilities. The IAEA is a joke and he humiliated them at every turn when they tried to do their inspections and he refused to let them in for weeks at a time - giving him time to hide and move his stuff. Well, remnants were found and our President kept it under wraps until it was taken care of. People owe him an apology. People who think Hussein didn't have WMD are idiots. We know he had them because he used them. He was good at moving them and hiding them and the international community wasn't really interested in taking him on. We have videos, photos, and witnesses to his death squads and destruction. Remember when he gassed thousands of his own people?? You revisionists are going to get us killed. You one-worlders are going to get us killed. You politically correct wimpy asses are going to get us killed. We are told that if we don't vote for Obama we are racists; well then, call me racist.

But seriously, based on what I’ve read about her, she is as formidable a candidate as Sen. Hillary Clinton…without the extra “I did not have sex with that woman” Bill baggage.????????????????????????????

Bill didn't because he couldn't. It was an issue of availability and calendar scheduling. He would if he could, still. But as formidable as Hill, now there's a pill, hard to swallow. Education alone makes Sarah blush in shame, raising a daughter with moral values under daddy's spotlight isn't even close, proposing legislation affecting millions versus getting $1200 for 600,000 people is a no brainer, and the bridge to nowhere versus educating the American Village to raise a child is the frosting on a cake Sarah isn't going to pop out of. You are fortunate America does not have an intelligence test in order to vote. Sarah's lucky there isn't one to run.

I for one must say the other nite I was not impressed with sarah at the debate between her and biden. not only did she take quotes made obama and twist them. but her lack of knowledge in politcs really showed. I have nothing against her. I always talk about how pretty she is but think about she really capabale of being VP of the united states. Running a state and Helping run the United States is 2 totally different things here. And i do agree that ppl should not vote for her because she is a woman or if she hot or whatever. and the same thing goes for blacks voting for obama because he is black. but i know one thing everyone please vote wisely and thing long and hard about who u are gonna vote 4. But when you are doing it do not sterotype, because at the rate we are headed and going to be a in a great depression. so please choose the person u think can really make a difference

I am a 44 year old female, registered republican, who was on the fence on this election, until McCain chose her. I am insulted. It doesn't matter how many hockey games you've attended, I want candidates with intelligence and substinance. And NO she does not relate to me. I successfully raised 3 children by myself on less than $25,000 a year. No comparison!

The scariest thing about Palin is her very strong ties to the New Apostolic Revolution movement. This movement was dismissed as heresy in the '40s by the national Assemblies of God church. However, a new virulent version has grown up in Alaska and elsewhere over the past decade. This group seeks to take over the world from the inside...by getting elected. Their leader has said that when they take over, it may seem at first like a totalitarian government. People will be given a chance to 'believe' as they do, or else will have to be 'removed.' Why the press hasn't even glanced the direction of Palin's scary religious beliefs is mind boggling.

A whole different discussion is how these people who claim to have the ONLY true religion can treat others so poorly...re: Palin's continual string of lies [starting with the Bridge to Nowhere and progressing to Obama is a terrorist] and inciting riotous mob mentality. I think that it's all despicable. Surely Americans can see through her!

this is nonsense so what if she was miss something heaven knows that if and not that she will , becomes president she wont know what she is doing and bring the USA lower than it already is I AM A VOTER FOR OBAMA AND BIDEN TOGETHER THEY WILL MAKE A CHANGE FOR A USA which is needed and wanted!!!!!

The reason that all people should be worried about Palin is because her religious views are extreme. Or...is it OK to support extremists in America? Please take a good look at this woman and the people who surround her. The people who believe that Alaska is one of the last places of refuge in the "upcoming apocalypse." This is the politics of fear mongering used by tyrants on more then one occasion . Please educate yourselves on these issues. Take a good look at the role of fundamentalist religions throughout history. Take a look at how often they are the proponents of liberty. Freedom of religion is freedom from religion. If people really fall for her line then I'm investing in poison Kool-Aid

As the US is trying to dominate the world, all world citizens should have voting right ;-) But it does not matter anymore, the end of US power is near. I hope you will all vote for McCain, as the end will approach much faster (and Sarah won't disappear from our tv screens).

Hopefully your 2012 president will be irreligious, it would give you the CHANGE you need!

Haha she was 3rd in the Miss Alaska pagent- SECOND runner-up!

McCain is the best man for the job. Palin was not the best choice, but she will do fine.

the vogue picture is a fake...

click below for the real cover of vogue

Please tell me the last post was in jest! What nonsense!

McCain + Palin = 4 more years of rich tax cuts and a shrinking middle class. They don't give a fuck about you.

aaah, and what we know nw about her - vastly incompetent. Yes, former Hillary supporters. vote for Sarah Palin if you really want to insult feminist history by electing that idiot to any position of power.

The Republican Party foisted Sarah Palin off on McCain so he'd have less chance of winning the election. They'd just as soon let Obama try and clean up the government's act and take another run at it in four years.

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