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Thursday, October 26, 2006

GTDTiddlyWiki: A Productivity Wiki to Get Things Done

GTDTiddlyWiki, while awkwardly named, is a very useful tool for anyone into Getting Things Done (GTD).

What does it do?
The purpose of GTD Tiddly Wiki is to give users a single repository for their GTD lists and support materials so they can create/edit lists, and then print directly to 3x5 cards for use with the HipsterPDA.
You can keep track of things you need to do very easily by creating a grocery or urgent things to do list. The UI is very slick and easy to use. While an even easier way might just be to open up Notepad and type up a quick list, it's worth the time to check GTDTiddlyWiki out.

The productivity wiki is self-contained; download it here (right-click and save). It's less than 200KB so it'll easily fit on a USB key if you want to take it with you. It works on any browser, and no Internet connection is necessary.

While the learning curve can be a little steep for beginners, after a while, you get used to it. Lifehacker has a great tutorial on using it.


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