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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Levi Johnston MySpace Photos

Levi Johnston is the father of Bristol Palin's baby. The 17-year-old hockey player at Burchell High School in Wasilla, Alaska, is by all accounts soon to be married to the Republican vice presidential candidate's daughter, but all may not be well. His MySpace page revealed juicy details about his outlook on life before he made it private. In it, he admits, "I'm a f**kin' redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some sh*t and just f**kin' chillin' I guess. Ya f*ck with me I'll kick ass."

After all the publicity, Levi Johnston's MySpace was redacted, revealing no evidence of his previous profanity laden macho posturing. Although he admits that he is in a relationship, he still says that he wants to use MySpace "for networking or for dating." Moreover, on the subject of possible children, he left the message, "Love kids, but not for me." Most devastatingly, in a sharp contrast to the Palin family's conservative views, Levi instead posts that he is an agnostic.

The Levi Johnston-Bristol Palin marriage-to-be may yet not be, despite assurances from the Palin campaign. Their baby is due in four more months so the nuptials can't be delayed much longer.

Levi Johnston MySpace Photos

Levi Johnston MySpace

Levi Johnston MySpace

Levi Johnston in Hockey Jersey

Levi Johnston in Hockey Jersey

Levi Johnston with Unknown Girl

Levi Johnston with Unknown Girl

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Reader Comments:

The Unknown girl in the photo is Levi's sister, Mercede. She goes by Sadie.

Oh man this is not going well for McCain. These poor kids should not be under this much scrutiny but perhaps they should have done a little research on Palin.

Funnny video of McCain's veep selection process: http://tinyurl.com/5zr47h

Is he 17 or 19? His MySpace page says he is 19, but the McCain group says he is 17. I'm guessing if he's 19, he stayed back.

You have a screen shot of the incorrect MySpace page. His MySpace is now private.


This is pathetic.

This is why I hate the news media more then i hate the government.

Who cares about this kid?
Who cares that her daughter is pregnant?

Talk about something of substance to the presidential race.

This is pathetic.

This is why I hate the news media more then i hate the government.

Who cares about this kid?
Who cares that her daughter is pregnant?

Talk about something of substance to the presidential race.

gee, blame it on the media. the media got her pregnant.
actually, it's an issue because her mother does not believe in teaching birth control/sex education in school, "it's a parents job".
job well done, Sarah

I cannot imagine that Sarah Palin could stay on the GOP ticket once the paparazzi start camping in front of Levi Johnston's house and pursuing other colorful aspects of her family. This is going to be a feeding frenzie and it has only just begun. The scandals that Sarah Palin brings to the VP choice could not possibly be worth keeping her on the ticket. This is going to make a laughing stock of GOP candidate John McCain and his VERY poor decision-making in choosing Palin. He must have been CRAZY to have made this selection in the context of what we now know about Palin's family. The American president and top officials need DIGNITY and this is absolutely being lost. America will be the laughing stock of the world before the week is over. Palin needs to go.

You people are a fricken joke .. I am so sick of this hi and mighty we are americans crap .. The girl is human and humans make mistakes. He who has no sins cast the first stone.. Think before you speak and judge yourself before you judge others .. Enough .. Leave the girl alone..

It's not about the girl and the mistakes she made. It's about her mother and her mistakes.
If she preaches no sex education in school and as a result her teen daughter gets pregnant, ten what message does this send around the country.
Do it anyway? These rules don't apply to Sarah Palin?

http://www.myspace.com/bristolpalin ... Not hers, but a parody site. :-)

The problem here isn't that her 17 yr. old daughter is impregnated and unmarried. That in itself would be no big deal, and had she had and promoted Liberal values, well this would not be an issue at all.

The problem is that she's this staunch Conservative, that's pro-abstinence, anti-sex education, etc.

Is it a double standard? Yes and no, if pictures surfaced of Obama protesting in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic he'd have some e'splainin' to do.

The sad and true moral to this story is that the Democrats get to have all the fun.

All a Parentcan do is teach thier children thier beliefs and teach them values .. Unlike you perfect people. Many children choose not to follow the teachings or her parents as this child did. Is that truly the parents fault. No the child was taught the basic of right and wrong and chose the wrong path.. Why does this decision by the daughter disqualify the mother for a job or her personal beliefs .. If that is the case the parents of every child that is in jail, or an unwed mother should be unemployed .. I think not so get of your high horse and reflect back on your own mistakes...

I think its pretty hilarious. If only Palin had taught her daughter about condom use....damn what an after thought. And still the same stance on sex education, sad really. To think that they could be leading the country.

The only reason the media is discussing Sarah Palin's daughter is because...Sarah Palin put the information out there. The original question was about the paternity of Palin's youngest child...her response is to toss her daughter "under" the proverbial bus. IF Sarah wanted to keep this matter PRIVATE and quell rumors about the parentage of her youngest child, all she had to do was produce the birth certificate and media records pertaining to her (Sarah) giving birth...then had the media continued to pursue the daughter angle she could have argued private and off limits. However, like her running mate, Sarah Palin apparently has poor judgment as well.

Why do you self censor your fucking blog? Scared of the big bad fucking ISP?

Wait! his age being either 17 or 19 is a big deal! If he's 19, then he can't legally have sex with an underage girl! If they're both 17, then that's "ok." how old is he really?

Please in this day and age of Yellow journalism it is no way Governor Palin would have been able to or should have hidden or covered up this story .. The Governor or her entire family have nothing to be ashamed or embarrased about .. Good honest and well meaning people makes mistakes. Its not about making mistakes it about standing up and being accountable for your decisions and actions .. The Teenagers had sex which in this day and age happens more often then not. A life was created and the two people involved made a decision has stepped up to the plate and have taken reasponsibility. They have decided to keep the baby and get married .. Ok end of story ..

Real people, real problems. No more, no less.

Real people, real problems. No more, no less.

This is emblematic of the basic cultural divide between the parties. The GOP wants America to say NO to Sex Education (much less abortion), Say YES to 'shotgun weddings'. One encourages sin, the other atones for it in the eyes of God. Is that what you want for America???
But, liberals, that's only half of it... her kid is only 17 and probably not the best decision-maker, but didn't it ever occur to anybody that she's maybe in love with the guy and wants to marry him and have his baby? Condescension like this is what gives the Dems the reputation among so many as 'Anti-Family'.

Oh the high and mighty libs. Isn't their motto sex, sex, sex; then just trash the result if there is a slip up. Best to just put it in the trash bin. By the way, abstinence works every time. Now for the kicker. I seem to remember that a 17 year old in Hawaii got knocked up by a Kenyan who was already married. Supposedly, they married and then divorced. Let's see those records obama. Even if they did marry, the 17 year old became a bigamist carrying a married man's b-----d. That's the definition in the dictionary for an illegitimate child which obama is. After his Mother hauls him off to Indenesia, she then ditches him with his Granparents after he went to school in Indonesia registered as a Muslim. Now that is real parenting! Bristol is not about to be abandoned by her parents, and Bristol is going to let her child live. She is not going to just call it a fetus and discard it in the trash. But as a lib, that is cool; keeping the child is what works the libs up. And unlike obama's mother, I bet she will not ask for welfare and food stamps. And why does obama keep running against Sarah Palin? The last I heard he was running for President not V/P. Since he is aspiring for to the higher office, wouldn't you think he would be comparing his record to John McCain's? Oh yes, I remeber he doesn't even have a record better than 44 year old Sarah Palin. Now he says his executive experience is so much better than the V/P's; experience because he is at the top of a ticket for President. Obama just say HANDLERS, HANDLERS, HANDLERS. That's who is running your campaign with lots of money and advice from the likes of Soros and Wm Ayres. As for the rest of your associates on your resume, it looks more like a mug sheet for a hard core criminal.

Politics! Right up there with the WWF, Lets make a deal, Sex in the city, Survivor man(or woman), To tell the truth, The gong show,hey we could go on all day with this one. OK give me a few more!!!!

If he is 19 and she is 17, then isn't that statutory rape?

This is ridiculous. This shows that the majority of people in the United States have absolutely no life what so ever, because they obviously have nothing better to do than make media headlines of two innocent and ordinary young adults. Why doesn’t everyone just mind their own business and pay more attention to their own damn life instead of spreading rumors about others. Seriously GET A LIFE. I’m sure that a high percentage of these idiot liberals and media reporters have their own children that have had run-ins with the law enforcement or even something similar to what Palin and Johnston are facing with right now in their lives. Although you never here about any of the crap about them do you……? Nope. This just shows you how pathetic our country is really coming too. Instead of hearing about their kids and their personal life lets hear about what this countries future presidents are planning to do when they get into office. What’s going to happen with Iraq, National debt, boosting the economy, lower gas prices and etc. I’m all for McCain and Palin!!!!! I’m a college student at Chico state university, which has a very low percentage of republicans that attend here and I am tired of hearing about everyone praising Obama and downgrading the republican party and their KIDS.

now the friend ID for myspace comes up as no longer valid. He definitely deleted his myspace...

It’s true that people make mistakes. However, getting pregnant is a pretty big "mistake" to be making as it does not just affect your own life, but the child’s life as well.

That said, this is not 1950. Birth control and condoms are not inaccessible, nor is information about their correct use not available. To call getting pregnant in the USA in the 21'st century an "honest mistake" is laughable, and shows an individual’s total lack of concern for their future as well as their child’s. It is this aspect of the scandal, and the type of family that somehow fostered this ideal that makes this truly frightening.

McCain planned it all, a smart man he is, by the end of the week GOP will drop Palin and the Democrats will get all the blame for getting Bristol pregnant.

Wow! I'm sure glad that my parents were never judged on my actions or choice of boyfriend(s) as a teenager! They would have been doomed! God bless America, right?

If this was a Democrat wouldn't the ruthless Carl Rove have a ball with this one, the GOP station FOX has picked him up, maybe he can get McCain out of this one.

I find it interesting that when I checked on Levi Johnston this morning, his "my space" page said that he was supporting Barack. I wonder if his family still has mortgage or car payments after today. I wouldn't want to compare Barack's background with McCain's because McCain is an adulterer & liar. Just check out his book "Worth Fighting For." He says that nothing happened between Cindy & him until after the divorce from Carol. In fact, he pursued Cindy beginning in 4/79. He was still living with Carol until 1/7/80. Filed for divorce on 2/19/80 & was final on 4/2/80. But, here's the kicker....he & Cindy got a marriage license on 3/6/80. Let's talk about some family values about presidential candidates in '08.

Lets just give McCain a redo. It would only be fair.

Anonymous writes @ 7:01 PM, September 02, 2008 - You're SICK!!

My daughter made a "mistake" (condom broke... at least they tried) and the majority of fine Christians at our church basically shunned her and us. They called it a "scandal" and wispered behind our backs. We no longer go to church. And to think, if she had had an abortion, no one would have known (never would have happened but interesting to consider). Yes, mistakes happen. And bad decisions are made. But it does play a role in this election because of Palin's views on birth control and sex education.

My daughter made a "mistake" (condom broke... at least they tried) and the majority of fine Christians at our church basically shunned her and us. They called it a "scandal" and wispered behind our backs. We no longer go to church. And to think, if she had had an abortion, no one would have known (never would have happened but interesting to consider). Yes, mistakes happen. And bad decisions are made. But it does play a role in this election because of Palin's views on birth control and sex education.

America is the best sitcom the rest of the world has ever had. Keep up the good work.

All this "Motherly" stuff. Her daughter is FING a loser. This is not the media's fault. It matters because they run on the high and mighty Republican Christian platform of "Traditional Family Values". She believes sex education should be taught in the home. Well it wasn't taught in her home. Did she not inform her kids that getting pregnant under age is an immediate dream killer? It's the number one worst thing a child can do. Now her daughter will be a kid with a kid. The best ever!! And please people, getting pregnant IS NOT A MISTAKE!! Don't use protection, you get pregnant.


Please do not blame the Media, Obama's people or leftwingers for this. We need to know more about the candidates. This is what I learned about McCain. If he knew about this as he claimed, why didn't his people vet this kid. They set his Myspace private thsi weekend. If he did not know about this before picking Palin as VP, he lied to us and he does not research carefully before making important decision. Levi Johnston must be smart now or he will live the horrors Mike Wooten has lived. Pray kid. pray a lot.

I can't believe all of this "leave the innocent kids alone" crap. What gross double standards I'm witnessing. I remember when the "family values" party got behind that doofus Dan Quayle, after he attacked a fictitious character (Murphy Brown) that was scripted to be a single mother. Where was all this "personal family decision" bilge water then?

Face it McSame/Plain supporters, the GOP has been on the forefront of assaulting sexual promiscuity for decades, and NOW..when little miss Bristol plays hide the weenie in the love peta with her jock boyfriend and gets knocked up, we're all supposed to suppress our criticisms and leave it alone.

Ok, fine..I agree. We SHOULD leave it alone. Because it REALLY is no one's business but Bristol and Levi. So, how about we leave them alone as you ask, and THEN, you all shut the f*%k up about sexual promiscuity until you're ready to address it seriously and fairly without all of the BS "we know best" attitudes.

Teenage sexuality is a serious problem. Stop treating it like a political football like you have been.

Can you do that? Huh?


I meant to say that unwanted teenage pregnancies are a serious problem, not sexuality, which can be as innocuous as making out.

My bad.

So Sarah Palin is Pastey McBush's VP choice.  Wow!  What a testament to women and the "no experience" argument.  I know I'll certainly feel calm if he's elected because now we know if the old geezer croaks in office, the most powerful leader in the free world will be pretty AND ready to serve.  After all, the Big Mac lists her accomplishments as:  current PTA member, NRA lifelong member, former mayor, governor of our 48th most populous state, and working hockey-mom.  Whew!  That mayor's job of less than two years is a comfort.  If we get in pothole discussions with Iran or North Korea, she's our gal.  If there is a dispute over the size of business signs in Pakistan, she'll know how to resolve it.  And with her experience in redrawing boundaries and annexing neighborhoods for better revenue, all our Middle East conflicts will evaporate. 

Since her state legislature only meets 90 days a year, she’s had time to exercise AND work on that resume. So what if she can’t list all those things on Joe Biden’s vita like: Harvard Law Review, longtime member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, constitutional law professor, author of the Violence Against Women Act (which federalized domestic violence as a crime) state senator, and is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee? Heck, she looks smart, and she’s young, too. We can cross our fingers that she can do OJT.

And thank goodness she has five kids, one of whom is five months old with Down's syndrome.  Can’t beat that. As a 44-year-old who doesn't believe in birth control, maybe she'll even have a few more. Take her “abstinenance only” stand. That sure is the way to go; just ask her 17-year-old-daughter!  Mrs Palin (she’d never go by Ms) will have a big heart about making sure all our children in the USA have health care, and that all our single moms will have the benefit of a husband who can stay at home while they're working out of town. Come to think of it, she'll probably throw in a nanny tax credit for the poor.  Now that's progress!

I'm also so happy that finally we have a politician that hasn't frequented prostitutes or had affairs.  Between salon appointments, she's been too busy seeing that schools teach creationism, and that is just ducky.  Now that we know the Earth has only been around for 6,000 years (it says so in Genesis), no child will be left behind, and their test scores will go way up because they won't have so much history to learn.  Yippee!  

Best of all, she's a former beauty pageant runner-up which ensures that the Miss America and Miss Universe competitions will once again get the major network Saturday nights' exposures they used to have before those damn feminists messed things up.  I'm so glad Johnny Mac realized that any broad is a broad, and what their position on any issue is is irrelevant.  Just think, one can vote against the major women’s issues of the last two decades and still make it to runner-up Prez! As long as dames have designer glasses, good legs and a regular period, they're interchangeable.  And I'll betcha a Starbuck's gift card that Palin can whip up a double light espresso with a touch of cream and cinnamon faster than you can say, "June Cleaver."

Choosing Anita Bryant, er, Sarah Palin was a stroke of genius. That'll show them damn Hillary fans that can't make up their mind. Attention everyone.... good ole maverick John McCain IS progressive and anti-Washington, and when that call comes at 3AM, he has now shown that he’s not afraid to make a quick decision and take a risk.

Lord help us.

John McCain has been totally consistent on this issue. He loves women with really big tits. Heiress is desirable, but not mandatory. Cripples need not apply, you know who you are.

You know what kind of puzzles me is that some young stud would even want to fuck Bristol. She's like, totally hideous!!! And it's not like she's rich or anything. WHAT is he thinking? Get out now Levi, it's your only chance. You thought you had to marry the cow because her mother is the Governor of your state, but now that she's the laughing stock of the planet Earth, you can safely make your getaway!

Run Levi!!! Run!!!

Real people. Real mistakes.

And of course, sluts.

Holy smokes! I guess the media doesn't have anything else to talk about. They are kids like anyone else except, her mom's in the spot light and now have some serious responsibility. As for Gov. Palin, she is an amazing lady and has done a lot for Alaskan's. She's one tough lady! Think about it...what's your story???

These are not kids like anyone else's. They are the children of the hastily picked Vice president running mate. It matters. I don't see what makes her so tough though. We'll see how tough she is after her and her family gets slaughtered. The press has plenty to talk about this week, don't you read? It's been one of the craziest weeks in politics for along time. And yes her underage daughter fing a loser jock and getting pregnant matters. It just makes a sad story all the more hilarious!

Here it is in a nutshell dude. Doomed Republican nominee trying to keep a distance from a President of the same party because he has some of the lowest numbers ever. The party tries to use a hurricane turned rainstorm to shorten their convention that many from the Rep. Party surly don't want to attend. The Palin story is amazing because out of desperation McCain picked her to be the Republican Party's sacrificial lamb. In the coming days she will have to stand up and defend George Bush and John McCain's record, and only someone like her could even try to do that, because it is indefensible. This will be the last we will here from her, because her political career will be over after this. She will be sacrificed. They know they are going to lose, so they need to cut their losses, at the same time looking as if they had made a progressive, revolutionary choice. Meanwhile they can raise a ton of money because the Christian base loves her and will throw tons of money at her. More proof that the pick was not intended to be the smartest they could find, but the one who could make the most headlines.
Anything to keep the American people from thinking about an illegal war that they started. Next, I can't wait for War Crimes trials to start.

So daughter has down syndrome baby and mom covers for her and says its her's then her big shot at the whitehouse shows up and she can't resist.

Daughter gets preggo again (same father???)and mom throws her under the bus for ego and power trip....

love those family values...MRS Palin.She promises to throw womans rights back into the alley if elected.

McCain makes bad choices and this is his worst one yet.

BRAVO Mc Lame!

I have a question (waves hand)

If daugher had MONO and was out of school with it as stated (not pregnant with Trig) why was she having sex if contagious with mono???

Hmmm ... maybe this is a way for the Republican party to get back at Palin for going against her party members in Alaska?? They knew they were going to lose, so why not clean out the trouble maker while they were at it.

"I have a question (waves hand) If daugher had MONO and was out of school with it as stated (not pregnant with Trig) why was she having sex if contagious with mono???"

This is a very valid question cause Mono is very contageious, especially through kissing. Personally, I don't buy the Mono story, which is where the whole Trig rumor thing started to begin with. But if that rumor isn't true (which seems to be the case), then why was she pulled out of school? I've had mono, and a severe bout of it. I lost 40 lbs in less than a month and it took a year to get the weight back. Trust me when I tell you that based on Bristol's before and after pics, I have serious doubts regarding her Mono cover story. If she didn't have Mono, and she isn't Trigs real mother... why was she pulled out of school? The Pregnancy? Is there anyone here who can disagree with me when I say that she likely could have finished the school year before a belly started to show? Pulling her out of school just for the pregnancy doesn't make sense.

So what were the Palins really hiding or running from to the point where it was necessary to pull her from school? It can't be Levi since they seem so smitten with him right now. So here's the $60,000 Quesiton: has anyone looked at Bristol's teachers? That seems to be the only kind of scandal that would warrant pulling a teen out of school indefinitely. It's the only explaination that makes sense to me.

Something bigger might be under the surface people. This could get much uglier

People people people. This is not about teen pregnancy or Downs Syndrome, this is about a major amount of lying to get into high public office. It's also about making important decisions rashly with very little fact-checking research. Please see the following blog, especially the photos at the end with Levi's sister Mercede holding baby Trig and referring to Sarah Palin in the photo as her mommy-in-law, taken off of Mercede's now private myspace page.


The truth will come out, and it's better than a soap opera. All of you out there defending Palin, might want to back away. Apart from wanting to kill polar bears, apart from wanting Alaska to secede from the US (not in past history, but NOW: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/9/1/4231/18477/878/581881 , she perpetrated a huge fraud on both Alaska and the US. Wow.
Sure, don't punish the daughter and the baby. But stop defending the grandmother. You are going to look really, really bad when the truth is outed.

That is not even his myspace page.

what the hell is wrong with you people.

There's nothing more American than this: A redneck, an under aged pregnant unwed girl, fishing and hunting, a mother who can't stop giving birth.

Great job Levi, nailing VP hopeful's daughter, your free ticket to get into our political system. Time to cash in.

normally, I wouldn't care about the private lives of these two. EVEN when her Mom is running for VP of the USA. Wouldn't normally matter *EXCEPT* for the fact that she is very vocal about her belief system, and the daughter's pregnancy is the end result of that. It must be very difficult to ask Mom to get you on birth control, when she actually believes that teens will abstain. I had abstinence education and had sex at around the same age. The difference is I had access to Planned Parenthood and we discussed that we weren't ready for kids. (and everybody didn't know me, like they know "the Governor's Kid") Promising to abstain is only lying to one's self. It's easy at 13 years old to promise Jesus that you won't have sex until you're married- then you fall in love... Do you become a "technical virgin" and engage in anal sex in order to keep that promise? It happens, but most likely one goes and does what they really desire- just plain sex. It seems that that part of the promise is broken, but if they get protection, that makes it official. (Jesus can only see you under the fluorescent glow of the pharmacy, but not in the back seat of a car?) Seems like it's all a show for parents and others who don't want to see reality, doesn't it?

Now that she is preggers, she will get married- AT 17!!! In the United States, in the year 1990, 61% of divorcing couples from a first marriage for each have children under the age of 18. 1,075,000 children under the age of 18 had their parents divorce.

So really, indirectly, Sarah Palin is endorsing divorce and single parenthood.

People are imperfect, and I DO feel for this young couple. Yes, they should be left alone now that we all know the news, but Sarah Palin should not. It's her policies, as seen in her own home, that will be enlarged and pushed on the nation as a whole.

First I would like to say to all those who say drop it and get on with the real "issues" all your going to hear is lies, lies, and... oh yeah, more lies. So as for getting on with the real issues no one ever will. Because we will only hear what they think we want to hear out of the mouths of any politician in order to make whatever office they are trying to make. Second. Hmm, religion. Maybe everyone should stop trying to shove the their religious beliefs down everyone elses throats. Let me believe what I want, and let your neighbor belive what makes him or her a better person. Who are we to say? Sex ed in school is so VERY important. I agree abstinence works best. But who in america, or anywhere else for that matter follows that. For that matter how many virgins do YOU know? Let's leave the daughter out of the equation. However I do have to wonder if the daughter and her boyfriend or lover are being forced or pressured into marriage for the publics eye. His MYSPACE page leaves us to wonder.

The issue is not the daughter. It is the mother. Don't talk to us about ethics and morals when your daughter is out copulating with the local high school pollinator. Ugh! How dare you preach to us, Eva Braun. No sex ed, no abortion, yes to shot gun weddings, no to evolution. How can you say no to evolution when your state budget surplus is the sole result of FOSSIL Fuels from the ground. Please go back up to Alaska and leaves us to our lives, work, and family. We are doing pretty well without you.

We are toast. Palin must resign.

-Former McCain supporter, staunch conservative, realist, and Iraq Vet




Marriage is not Mandatory when you knock someone up!

We can thank god that there's a chance the Palin grandchild could be raised by an agnostic. Aside from that, leave the family alone until Sarah Palin starts bragging about them, then reveal the lies.

This is ridiculous. This shows that the majority of people in the United States have absolutely no life what so ever, because they obviously have nothing better to do than make media headlines of two innocent and ordinary young adults. Why doesn’t everyone just mind their own business and pay more attention to their own damn life instead of spreading rumors about others. Seriously GET A LIFE. I’m sure that a high percentage of these idiot liberals and media reporters have their own children that have had run-ins with the law enforcement or even something similar to what Palin and Johnston are facing with right now in their lives. Although you never here about any of the crap about them do you……? Nope. This just shows you how pathetic our country is really coming too. Instead of hearing about their kids and their personal life lets hear about what this countries future presidents are planning to do when they get into office. What’s going to happen with Iraq, National debt, boosting the economy, lower gas prices and etc. I’m all for McCain and Palin!!!!! I’m a college student at Chico state university, which has a very low percentage of republicans that attend here and I am tired of hearing about everyone praising Obama and downgrading the republican party and their KIDS.

Great digging, but that is not his MySpace...funny, but he seems to have FOUR and I wonder what they are paying MySpace for the coverup?


after reading these extensive posts I have a few comments. First of all the age of consent in most states including Alaska is 16 so nothing illegal happened. Dems have no ground to discus morality after their defense of Clinton's behavior. At least the next president can go into the White House without worrying about catching an STD from fluids left on the carpet of the Oval Office.

Secondly I agree that Palin seems to lack the typical experience that a vice presidential canidate however Obama has less experience and he is up for the presidency. He is a first term Legislator in the congress. She is a first term Governor which is the equivalent to the president of a state. Her approval rating is around 80% from the people she governs. Obama's approval rating is around 50% from those he represents.

Third, while the state of Alaska is small (by population), the number of residents that Palin governs is about equal to the number of constituents Obama represents in his district.

Alaska also has to battle the elements like no other state in the country making public works projects a nightmare. Constant earthquakes (more than California), avalanches, sub zero temps year round, and an inhospitable landscape make a governors job more difficult. Obama is not prepared to deal with natural disasters as well as Palin.

For all of the folks out there who are obsessed with the private lives of other individuals, I pray that you would focus on more important issues. Your comments on the lives of the Palin family are unwarranted.

If you are the typical liberal contributor to the moral and ethical fall of this nation I understand your cheer in this moment. A person that has some and not all Biblical views has suffered terrible news on behalf of her daughter. Just because her daughter chose to throw out her self respect and give her precious gift to a fool, doesn’t equate to all parents and or single teens/adults that chose to do right by abstaining, a change of mind or belief that playing the harlot is ok. It is always better to abstain no matter what. There is no “safe” way to escape it; there is no excuse for breaking it.

Most people that chose to turn their back on what is Biblically right and sound end up on a path that is far from reality. What happened to Sarah Palin was not that there was a failure in her beliefs but rather a failure to live them. There are a lot of people out there that preach abstinence and pro-life but live a life that is not in line with Biblical principle. Hence why their family members, children included, end up making the wrong decisions. You see, it’s like saying you love the game of baseball. You see games on television, go see your favorite team at the ballpark, and buy memorabilia. However, every time you “watch” the game on television with your family, you’re playing poker with your friend. While you’re at the game with your son/daughter, you’re playing poker with the person sitting behind you. You go to buy memorabilia and the first thing you ask for is a deck of cards. You see, it’s not that your family members don’t believe that you like baseball, but they will begin to believe that you may like poker more. You see, a person that loves baseball loves the game. Not just watching it or saying that they love it, but becoming involved with the game. Understanding how it’s played, why they play the way they do. Screaming and shouting when your home team hits a homerun; teaching your son/daughter how to throw a pitch and how to hit a ball. You see, I love baseball because my Dad loves baseball, because he placed me in a little league team and taught me how to play the game. If my Dad had been the person described in the aforementioned, I would have grown up to like poker, probably develop a taste for gambling, and once in a while go to a baseball game. It’s the same for people that say the “believe” in G-d, or that they “believe” in abstinence or pro-life. If Bristol grew up with a father and mother who never taught her the value of staying a pure virgin until she married, and never lived according to those Biblical principles, they could have preached abstinence day and night; the result is a huge gamble, mainly a loss. The same happened to some of us… or maybe we were part of a divorce… or maybe we were foolish and brought on the Samson Principle where we though nothing could happen to us; we leaned on our own understanding and fell face first into a huge mistake. The result was catastrophic. Some of us turned or backs to what we used to believe because we couldn’t adhere. Some of us took the attitude of one who just doesn’t care anymore. Still some of us recovered and pressed forward. All one can do when situations like this arise is call upon the name of the L-rd Yeshua (yes, that’s Jesus), and ask Him to intervene, permanently. All Sarah can do now is to ask for His guidance. Regardless of whether or not Trig is Bristol’s baby, is none of our concern. If Sarah is lying, she will be found out sooner or later as the truth always prevails. We should be ashamed of ourselves for not looking at the plank in our own eye before noticing the twig in our neighbor’s eye. Most of you are mad because you expect a “believer” to be perfect in all his/her ways and Sarah’s family isn’t. I’m happy her family isn’t perfect. The goal is to reach perfection through Him that loved us, but only through Him and not through our own strength or wisdom. It’s always a good sign to see these things come out from people that claim to be “believers,” it’s a sign from Him that says ‘I love you and I’m not going to let you get away with hidden sin in your life or the lives of your family members.’ It shows we have a Father who loves us enough to discipline us. I’m happy Bristol got “caught” through the announcement of a pre-marital pregnancy. Bristol, you have a Father in heaven who wants you to learn from your mistakes and to change your way.

As for the rest of the people who live their lives free from consequence or live their lives in a care-free liberal no Bible rule applies to me lifestyle, I feel so terribly sorry for you. The Bible calls you a bastard. As strong and as hurtful as that may sound, it’s the truth. In a day and age where you’ll pay to see sex and gore on a movie screen, I’ll be just as brutally honest with you. Many of you would like for us to adopt your liberal lifestyles, your liberal beliefs, your liberal stances. It will not happen, and that’s what makes you mad. We don’t care how many males or females sell their bodies to play the harlot, we’re not them. We will continue to speak and live our values at home and pray that when tough times come upon our children, that the love for and fear of G-d be with them so that they may choose life and not death. We will not accept defeat in our homes. We will never give in to your demands; we will never bow to your gods. We will always put G-d before country; we will always put family before country. We will work hard to raise real masculine men and real feminine women of which this country is lacking in this day and age. We will continue to raise G-d above all else and rely on Him always. We will continue to love you and pray for you because we don’t hate you; we hate your sin, we hate your selfishness, we hate your lifestyle, we hate your beliefs, we hate your gods, but we love you. This coming November, I hope we chose to vote for a team of individuals that more closely put G-d over country over politics.

So, these liberals think that by teaching a teen not to drink alcohol, they won't choose to do it . . . and that by teaching teens not to have sex or to use protection if they do, then they won't do it. What these liberals suffer from is a perpetual self inspection of their own rectums.

To Thomas...

Liberals believe that if you teach your children to abstain from alcohol and/or sex or to choose wisely, they will hopefully take your advise but afterall, they too are only human...

Conservatives believe that your children will do whatever you tell them and if it turns out they don't, it's the liberals fault

On the whole marriage thing it shold not be entered into lightly and if he is just marrying her because she is pregnant I think it is the honorable thing to do

Mercede had a myspace page as well, before it was taken down. Here are some pictures from it. I think you'll find them very enlightening.

Settle down folks. The blame/shame is NOT on Bristol or Levi. In fact, I sincerely feel pity for what the two of them are being put through and frankly they are still kids. The screw ups in this fiasco are the members of McCain's team and Sarah Palin herself.

The hipocrisy level of some of you right-wing nutjobs is astounding! First you preach about morality and family values; truth, justice and the American way (wait, that's Superman).

The fact is that the Republican party platform and the actions of those chosen this time around are not congruent.

I come from a very southern and conservative family. My parents also believe it is their job to teach sex education. However, they cannot control what we do as kids once we walk out the front door. Kids are curious. I was raised with 2 sisters and one brother. We were all taught the same morals and values. I feared the consiquences of sex before marriage. My siblings on the other hand we a bit more curious. They all three have a child out of wedlock. I do NOT agree with that and neither do my parents, but it just comes to show you can only control so much. I don't blame my parents for my siblings poor choices AT ALL!!! People make mistakes.

I have one comment to make to the Anonymous preacher who posted at 1:24pm September 3 and then a few thoughts of a more general nature regarding the election.

"Many of you would like for us to adopt your liberal lifestyles, your liberal beliefs, your liberal stances. It will not happen, and that’s what makes you mad."

It sounds like:

You would like for us to adopt your conservative lifestyles, your conservative beliefs, your conservative stances. It will not happen and that's what makes you mad.

I don't care what your personal beliefs are, as long as you don't try to shove them down my throat.

I'm tired of all the judgmental people on both sides of the political debate. Leave the pregnant daughter out of it. Everyone has made mistakes.

Don't think I'm a supporter of McCain/Palin though. I happen to have very different beliefs on many issues. I also believe that McCain made a poor choice for VP. That doesn't give me much confidence in future choices he will have to make, if it were to be elected President.

I'm not a big fan of Obama, buying in to all the hype, either. However, I do think he made a decent choice in Biden for VP. He chose someone who had strengths he lacked.

I'll do what I do every election. I'll vote for who I dislike the least.

The last long letter from the jesus freak anonymous was a laugh riot! You sad little human. Please don't call me a liberal. Don't categorize me. This is not the Rush Limbaugh show. I am a free thinker, a radical in my beliefs, with no faith in America's political system, so I must choose the lesser of two evils in every election we have. I am not a religious hypocrite who believes in fairy tails or someone who has a moral code I wish others to follow. I am someone that is trying to survive in the shrinking middle class who falls into the middle of many issues. God does nothing for me, and I do not like being called a bastard by you and your little old fashioned black book. This is not as much about Sarah Palin as it is about pandering to the McCain neglected christian fundamental base that is now the last hope to get this decrepit old man who belongs to the most failed political party in history, elected. There's only one reason Sarah Palin was picked. Do I have to say it? She is the christian right's wet dream, no pun intended. All the stuff about her hot little daughter and loser jock boyfriend is just side news fodder. Hey you, old bible thumper, your base is shrinking, the makup of this country is changing right before your eyes, and you can quote scripture all you want, but it's you who are ruining this country, taking us into the dark ages with your prehistoric religious beliefs that are no different than any other fanatical religion in this world. Listen. Us free thinkers, we're scared of you, and you have ruined it for us. Our life will never be free of the religious wars that you promote and support. Remember, every wounded and dead soldier is blood on your hands.

The site picture you have up is not the correct site. That's not this Levi Johnston. levi Johnston had one up and now it has been deleted.

This was the address


Worse then getting pregnant is what they do to the wolves.

John Mc Cain cheated on his wife
Cindy Mc Cain - caught stealing drugs
Sarah Palin - does not believe in sex education - her 17 year old daughter is pregnant.
Britney Palin is too young to be a parent.
Levi Johnston - is 17 or 19 years , knows enough that he does not to want children, swears alot , does not believe in GOD.
Hmmmmm ? Who are the morale conservatives?
PS - Mc Cain supports war and Sarah hunts wolves.

The MySpace page at the top of this article is not the right Levi Johnston. That Levi lives in Onalaska, Wisconsin, not Alaska.

When I went on MySpace the other day that Levi Johnston page came up but it said he is in Onalaska, Wisconsin. The page has been pulled, probably because of the hits he was getting do to the other Levi Johnston. Someone has changed the location on the page above.

Levi Johnston was born May 3, 1990.
Bristol Palin was born Oct 18, 1990.

If Bristol is 5 months pregnant, then they were both 17 when the deed was done.

I got both birthdays from the Alaska Court Records database.


Umm...like, why is Levi Johnston at the convention? What does he have to do with the Republican party. Is he old enough to vote? If so, then he's guilty of statutory rape. But mostly, I believe firmly that Johnston and his girlfriend should be out of the media spotlight.

So who put him there? I get that she has to be in the pics with her mom. But why Levi? Was it his choice? His decision? Who paid for his travel arrangements?

Son, you need to grow up in a hurry. One of the best things you can do for your unborn child is become your own man. And most of that means making your own decisions and paying your own way in life. Responsibility and stuff that your dad once tried to tell you and you will shortly find yourself preaching to your kid.

Start by backing away from your 15 minutes. I don't want to hear about you. I want to hear about a strong dollar, jobs, houses, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

you fuckin liberals are hilarious. what choices palin's 17 year old daughter make have nothing to do with how palin would fare as VP. did your parents know everything you were doing when you were 17? No. If you have kids, do you know everything they're doing when you're not around? No. Kids do stupid shit sometimes, make mistakes, poor judgement, etc. It's life. It has nothing to do with Palin's performance as Vice President. What's funny is that really the only ammunition you worthless liberal scum have is that the VP candidate has a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant but not married....that's it!!! That's hilarious. That's the only thing you have to talk about. On the other hand, you might consider the fact that Obama is friendly with a man who espoused violence against the government and attempted to attack government buildings years ago. And the Godly preacher who talks about the United KKK States of America and all that bullshit. Or the fact that Obama has never sponsored a bill of substance in the state or federal Senate. Give me one accomplishment of Obama, other than he's the first black guy to get this far in a presidential race. Give me a break. The election is already over. Obama is done. This fucker will be called by 9pm CST election night. If you don't like this country, get the hell out.

Give me a break. Parents can teach abstinence or sex ed until they're blue in the face, that doesn't mean a kid is going to pay any attention to it.

I knew girls in high school who got pregnant, and had the same sex education that the rest of us did. It helps to have it, but it's not a guarantee.

And in this day and age, it's really unlikely that even if she were taught abstinence only that she wouldn't know how to use birth control anyway. It's everywhere. I knew what a condom was and what it was for before I even reached puberty - and that was in the pre-internet days.

How is anyone so sure that the condom didn't just break?

The husband is an anarchist/seperatist, the daughter is a hoe, and the son-in-law to be is an agnostic, redneck who likes to "shoot sh*t". Sounds pretty tyipcally republican to me...

This is so hypocritical of the Republicans. When President Clinton had his issues the Republicans wasted tax payers money on an investigation when it was no ones business who Bill was sleeping with. If Hillary did not care, why should others. President Clinton is human, as the Republicans are now saying it happens. But now that a Republican is bringing the scandal, they don't want to discuss it. Another thing, the daughter is not the issue, she is just an example of what happens when you do not teach sex education. The whole shot gun wedding is a bunch of bull, I will bet you the wedding will never happen or maybe they will claim to have gotten married. All this about Levi joining them at the RNC is damage control because their business was already in the street.

You know, I just feel really badly for her daughter.
It's not like she's Jamie Lynn Spears, who went public with the information she was pregnant, Spears could have just gone into hiding for nine months, away from the media.

I think the biggest reason I don't like Sarah Palin is just because I think it's really terrible that she decided it was okay to become such a public figure right at a very hard time for her daughter. I can't believe that any parent would ever willingly do that to their child, male or female.

I'm 17 and I would be so angry with my mom if I was ever in that situation.

To those who ask why should we care about this kid and Bristol Palin, I answer you this way: The McCain/Palin people should have never made it their selling point for her. You can't use family values and being a "hockey mom" as your reasons for being electable, but get mad when people start dissecting those values.

By trying to qualify her being a mom as "Executive Experience", they opened the door for criticism of how she runs her family. Don't blame the media, blame McCain/Palin.

I am neither republican or democrat. I vote solely on who I think will do right by our country. That being said, I think Bristol should be left alone. She made her choice. Leave her alone. However it is the GOP and Palin that are using her. They made that decision to bring Bristol into the spotlight, knowing what would happen. Also they are hypocrites for all the love and support they are supposedly giving her. Ask any conservative christian teen/family about a teen pregnancy. You are judged and humiliated and shunned by your "christian family".

He's 18, every one is saying he's going by 18 years old. Soo if he's 18 and shes 17, that's rape! If cops get called or a call and some one talks about this, he could go to jail for rape. :-O he's in for a big one!! And Sarah told the whole USA that she was preg with Levi's kid. That's her (Sarah) fault for getting Levi and Bristol into this mess! That must suck for them huh! Nice going Sarah!! And why don't you teach your other girls about condoms and pills! The way the Palin family is going Willow will be preg but time she's 17!! And that will be Sarah's fault, for not teaching them sex ed!! The joke will be on Sarah!!

I feel SO sorry for Bristol. She is being marched around like a poster child for keeping her baby. I WAS Bristol at 18. My parents and I were summoned into our pastors office for an emergency board meeting during Xmas break. It was the most painful experience of my life. The AOG church was my family. I felt so betrayed by their judgmental attitudes and hostility toward my situation. Believe me, Assembly of God and conservative Christians DO NOT support teen pregnancy in any way, shape or form. This entire "we love and support Bristol and her choice" is a crock! I say shame on you Palin, McCain and all of the other republican christian hypocrites.

Mrs. Palin should go home as fast as she can to Wasilla (pop 7000)and take care of her (down syndrome) newborn and the rest of her family instead of being selfish and run for the VP office.Who is raising these kids anyway? The nanny? What kind of mother knowingly trows her family into this kind of a publicity mess. She knew her older daughter was pregnant when she was asked by the MacCain people and should have known what this would do to her daughter and the father of the baby. If this guy had had any prior intention of marrying her, why was this not done over the summer? If the MacCain camp had known about this pregnancy they would have known what a field day the bloggers were going to have with it and would have made sure his my-space was cleaned up..By the way, are these kids not supposed to be in school??
And another thing...does anyone have any idea why Bristol was moved from Wasilla high school to a high school in Anchorage? Did mam and dad maybe think that if we seperate the two they won't have sex? Who are they kidding? What is it with you republicans...do you all suddenly forget what you were like when you were teenagers? Why do you guys all become such hypocrits when you grow up. As the mother of several teenagers I can tell you that for as long as my kids have been able to comprehend things, they have known how NOT to get pregnant....it is called BIRTH CONTROL!!!There is absolutely no reason in this day and age to get pregnant and ruin your youth and early adulthood.A baby is forever!!

Only in America can a white republican women get nominated and have scandel and the republican party back her up and blame the media. Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton should only wish to have them backing them at their time of need. GIVE ME A BREAK. I am voting for the Obama, Biden Ticket!! I just found out today that my job is getting outsourced oversea's and haven't we had a republican president and the house was totally republican for 6 years???? I think the fact that this great country forgot its past, at least the republican's forgot. Slavery, Discrimination, and Women's right to vote, and the CIVIL RIGHTS Movement that had lots of great comunity organizers who help change the paths of unrightousness. Sarah Palin, you have a lot to learn about talking out the side of you neck.

So Palin's kid is a 'ho who got knocked up at 17 by some redneck loser.

What does that have to do with her campaign?

People ought to be focusing on her bad politics, like supporting the "Bridge to Nowhere".

Yes, a mistake. I don't blame her for the mistake. However, the Republicans have made a career of getting into people's private matters. It is a condoned policy to bash gays and oppress them. Isn't this a private matter that should stay out of politics. Not according to the Jesus freaks. Also, the abstinence thing has already been discussed here, but on a strictly political level it's great to see them fall when they try to tell people how to live. Ted Haggard, Foley, Craig.

Once again, an 18 year old getting a 17 or even a 16 year old in Alaska is NOT rape. The age of consent in Alaska is 16 years old. just because some liberal states like California don't think people can make decisions for themselves unless they are over 18 and a part of the government, does not make it true for the rest of the country.

To the poster that wrote "I just found out today that my job is getting outsourced overseas" and at the same time said he/she was voting for Obama/Biden ... Do you realize that Obama plans to raise taxes on employers. Do you think that will encourage or discourage them to hire more expensive Americans. I am sure if you could work for the same wages as the workers in the outsourcing country then your job would be secure. Do you realize that the low value of the US Dollar in the last 8 years has caused a reduction of overseas outsourcing and a 19% increase in US Exports.

When our government punishes US companies for making profit it only encourages them to go elsewhere. For example, if we were to additionally tax US oil companies such as Exxon/Mobile and Chevron/Texaco that would only hurt the American oil companies and make it easier for foreign owned companies such as Venezuela's Citgo or BP/Amaco to operate at lower costs in comparison to their American competitors. I hope you can see this is not a solution to increase employment in America.

Yes, Republicans and Christians tend to discuss morality. We tend to raise the bar fairly high with our expectations of how we should behave in a civil society. We also know that the Bible says that Everyone has sinned and falls short. This includes us. Republicans and Christians fall short even though we preach otherwise. This is not new. This is why we admit we need a savior, Jesus. (PS not all Republicans are Christians but many are)

EVERY Christian is a hypocrite. while others may criticize us for it, it is a badge of honor. We aspire to be better than we are even capable of individually.

What is the alternative? Do we encourage everyone to develop their own moral compus? Do we allow society to be a live and let live lawless society without even the most basic moral guidelines? Should we dispense with pesky moral teachings? If we do, we might as well dispense with the entire institution of marriage since there is nothing sacred about it; we should allow fornication in the streets because we would be considered prude to judge where such actions should be held. There are members of society that believe that it is moral to have intercourse with children, is that permissible to you.

I am sure it is not, instead what you want is for everyone else to adopt your moral compass. Guess what, that makes you just as guilty for trying to guide the morality of the country.

You guys really have to see this!!! Im surprised that people are commenting about his blog. http://levi-johnston.blogspot.com

"Ask any conservative christian teen/family about a teen pregnancy. You are judged and humiliated and shunned by your "christian family"."

This is completly inaccurate. People all over the world may experience this, but it is not exclusive to christians.

I am an 8 month pregnant young woman with a born again christian family. I am loved, accepted and celebrated for my pregnancy and my decision to have a child.

Your judgements about peoples lifestyles and who they are only display your small mindedness. You should not be so quick to make presumtions about other peoples desires and beliefs.

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