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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How to Deactivate or Cancel Your Facebook Account or Profile

Maybe you're afraid that you won't get a job offer if your employer sees those compromising photos you posted on Facebook. Or, you might even be afraid that you won't get your teaching degree if your university sees a MySpace picture of you holding a Mr. Goodbar cup in a pirate costume.

Unfortunately, these aren't far-fetched scenarios. They've really happened. So whatever the reason, there is good reason to be careful with your online profiles. You may even want to remove your profiles completely.

We'll start off by describing how to deactivate your Facebook account since it's fairly simple.

1. Log in to your Facebook account, and click on "Account" in the top right corner.

2. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, and click on the deactivation link.

3. Confirm your deactivation. Make sure to give a reason since it's required. Then hit "Deactivate".

Deactivating your account isn't the same as deleting it since you can re-activate your Facebook account by logging in again. This means that your profile and other personal details are still lurking on Facebook's servers somewhere. You may need to contact Facebook directly to actually delete your account.


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Reader Comments:

Can you help me delete my account for good!!!


Try emailing Facebook directly and have them delete your account permanently.

Hi i'm trying to deactivate my account with facebook but it won't work.So how do i deactivate my account.My son was getting something on the facebook that disturbed me.So i would like to delete my and my son's account.

Try the above steps first.

If all else fails, contact Facebook directly by email and have them do it manually.

Service provider is obligated to offer PERMANENT ACCOUNT DELETION POSSIBILITY. Where is this explained in Facebook instructions? If I want to DELETE my account FOR GOOD it MUST be as EASY AS SIGNING UP for that service. Or do you disagree? Regards, Maveric

facebook is up to something not allowing users to have the option of completely deleting their account.

I definitely agree that deleting your account (since it's your personal information) should be as easy as signing up in the first place, but sites like Facebook and MySpace derive their value from the fact that they can point to having 100 gazillion user profiles so they make it really hard to permanently opt-out of their social network.

did none of you read the contract when you signed up to facebook? they can now do what they want with your information and you have no right to get that info back, and even if they delete your account they will still retain your info, they are associated with the CIA
check out:

Whats facebooks email?

What is facebooks email?

Try this one. I got an email from them a while back about privacy and this is the email address they used to send it. Part of the email they sent was "For instance, if you were mentioned in a newspaper or a blog not on Facebook, we believe that you may want to know about that. We're not doing this right now. Search engines are currently performing these tasks of aggregating available Internet content, including personal information, and making it searchable by name. A number of our users have expressed interest
> in having that done for them on Facebook, and we're thinking about it.
As the policy explains, we also will allow you to limit these
activities, just as we allow you to remove photo tags placed by
others. Our goal is respect your privacy choices by giving you
knowledge about personal information that's out there about
you and control over it on Facebook."
The programe about it last night on BBC seemed to imply they will not allow people to stop them doing this


I find these social networking sites to be an extremely annoying and inane way of keeping in touch with other people... "So-and-so got a message"... "Whats-her-name tried the whatcha-callit application"... "This person wrote on your wall"... "Buddy took a crap today." It's like they're designed for 12-year-olds.

Beyond that, I don't see what they can do (well) that an email address and a simple message board can't.


If you want a step-by-step guide on deleting your facebook PERMANENTLY go to this website: http://antisocial.nectareen.com

just break their rules and they'll ban your account.

how 2 deactivate your account is shown above, deactivation comes with the u can reactivate your account by logging in. to delete an account: while i was logged in i hit the help link(little text on lower right extreemity of screen) and then typed 'delete facebook account' or something and u get this page with a link towards permanent deletion. it should take you from there.. :)

Thank u so so so much god face book is so retarted. I will have friends saying hi connor havent seen u in long time even though i just saw them 5 min ago and crap like that. Who ever u are u are HOLY.


It is possible to block certain things from certain people/groups. Privacy settings are extremely flexible on Facebook.

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i found this information very useful indeed

yours sincerly

Master Oliver Coles

clicking this link you can delete your account:

if u deactivate ur account do people still c u listed as a fb user?tr9960

When you do this, will your user become "invisible" to others? Or will it just remain as it is?

Can someone help me find a resolution to why I would be deactivated without any notice from Facebook?
Feel free to leave a comment with an FB contact or solution.


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