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Friday, June 01, 2007

Download Free DivX Movie Subtitles

Ever download a movie only to find out that it's in a different language than you expected?

OpenSubtitles probably has the solution with its vast collection of movie subtitles (over 285,000 at current count) in dozens of languages.

Subtitles can be searched by language and downloaded as .srt files. Links to download the actual movie itself via BitTorrent are also listed along with links to trailers, additional information, and ratings.

The key to make sure that the subtitle file plays along with your DivX movie is to match the filenames of the two files. For instance, if you downloaded the open source movie Elephants Dream, which has the filename "elephantsdream.avi", then you need to make sure the subtitle file is named "elephantsdream.srt" for your media player to automatically display the subtitles.

You might also be able to manually load the subtitle file by going to File->Load Subtitle. This works in Media Player Classic, for instance.


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