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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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Reader Comments:

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On the Second Amendment, Don’t Believe Obama!

The presidential primary season is finally over, and it is now time for gun owners to take a careful look at just where apparent nominee Barack Obama stands on issues related to the Second Amendment. During the primaries, Obama tried to hide behind vague statements of support for “sportsmen” or unfounded claims of general support for the right to keep and bear arms. But his real record, based on votes taken, political associations, and long standing positions, shows that Barack Obama is a serious threat to Second Amendment liberties. Don’t listen to his campaign rhetoric! Look instead to what he has said and done during his entire political career.

FACT: Barack Obama voted to allow reckless lawsuits designed to bankrupt the firearms industry. (1)
FACT: Barack Obama wants to re-impose the failed and discredited Clinton Gun Ban. (2)
FACT: Barack Obama voted to ban almost all rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting. (3)
FACT: Barack Obama has endorsed a complete ban on handgun ownership. (2)
FACT: Barack Obama supports local gun bans in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and other cities. (4)
FACT: Barack Obama voted to uphold local gun bans and the criminal prosecution of people who use firearms in self-defense. (5)
FACT: Barack Obama supports gun owner licensing and gun registration. (6)
FACT: Barack Obama refused to sign a friend-of-the-court Brief in support of individual Second Amendment rights in the Heller case.
FACT: Barack Obama opposes Right to Carry laws. (7)
FACT: Barack Obama was a member of the Board of Directors of the Joyce Foundation, the leading source of funds for anti-gun organizations and “research.” (8)
FACT: Barack Obama supported a proposal to ban gun stores within 5 miles of a school or park, which would eliminate almost every gun store in America. (9)
FACT: Barack Obama voted not to notify gun owners when the state of Illinois did records searches on them. (10)
FACT: Barack Obama voted against a measure to lower the Firearms Owners Identification card age minimum from 21 to 18, a measure designed to assist young people in the military. (11)
FACT: Barack Obama favors a ban on standard capacity magazines. (12)
FACT: Barack Obama supports mandatory micro-stamping. (13)
FACT: Barack Obama supports mandatory waiting periods. (2)
FACT: Barack Obama supports repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment, which prohibits information on gun traces collected by the BATFE from being used in reckless lawsuits against firearm dealers and manufacturers. (14)
FACT: Barack Obama supports one-gun-a-month sales restrictions. (9)
FACT: Barack Obama supports a ban on inexpensive handguns. (9)
FACT: Barack Obama supports a ban on the resale of police issued firearms, even if the money is going to police departments for replacement equipment. (9)
FACT: Barack Obama supports mandatory firearm training requirements for all gun owners and a ban on gun ownership for persons under the age of 21. (9)

terima kasih

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