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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Emperor's Club VIP Picture Tour

Eliot Spitzer, Governor of New York, has been caught in the middle of an FBI investigation into a prostitution ring called the Emperor's Club VIP, which had operations in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Scroll down for the picture tour.

The New York Times says:

The man described as Client 9 in the affidavit arranged to meet with a prostitute who was part of the ring, Emperors Club VIP, on the night of Feb. 13. Mr. Spitzer traveled to Washington that evening, according to a person told of his travel arrangements.

The affidavit says that Client 9 met with the woman in hotel room 871 but does not identify the hotel. Mr. Spitzer stayed at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington on Feb. 13, according to a source who was told of his travel arrangements. Room 871 at the Mayflower Hotel that evening was registered under the name George Fox.

Here's what the Club's now-defunct website (archive) had to say for themselves (complete with misspellings):

Emperors’ Club vip is the most preferred international club for those accustomed to excellence. We offer a convenient variety of services globally. Specializing in deluxe concierge, model introductioncontemporary art  and Investment services is our expertise. We act for a select group of educated, refined and successful international clients who give their best in all they do and who, in return, only wish to receive the best. Catering to clients who will not compromise in any area of their life.

Our distinctive standards ensure that you always experience the quality you’ve come to expect in a world-class service when working with Emperors’ Club vip.  With direct connection to internationally acclaimed artists, we offer access to some of the most captivating, authentic contemporary art available. Our Concierge service provides extraordinary benefits that enhance life immeasurably, impress companions and enhance business ventures. Best of all, our innovative social introduction / dating services allow you a luxuriously enjoyable dating / travel experience with some of the wolrd's most exclusive companions. We match our customers with the most compatible models, most competitive contemporary art leads, and finest concierge luxuries for both their personal preferences and the occasion. Our services are professional, reliable and luxuriously pleasurable.

Nothing But the Best for the Governor?

Mayflower Hotel

According to the affidavit, "Kristen", Spitzer's appointment at the $229-a-night Mayflower Hotel, was "an American, petite, very pretty brunette, 5 feet 5 inches, and 105 pounds."

Spitzer's encounter with "Kristen" cost $4300, but depending on the number of diamonds assigned to a model, the cost could rise quite considerably. This rate page shows that a 3 diamond model's time went for $1000 an hour up to $3100 for a 7 diamond model.

Spitzer scheduled a four hour "appointment" so we can deduce that "Kristen" was a 3 diamond model priced at about $1000 an hour plus "extras". Of course, it's always possible he got a customer loyalty discount.

Emperor's Club VIP Picture Tour

Emperor's Club VIP Homepage:

Emperor's Club VIP

They even had handy phone numbers listed:

(US) 212. 812. 2114 // 310. 691. 5163 // (UK) 0207. 096. 0879

Here's the portfolio page with about 32 models listed (notice the number of diamonds below each picture):

Emperor's Club VIP Profiles

Fiona, a graduate of top London university, who's guiltiest indulgence is the opera:

Emperors Club Fiona

Los Angeles-based Maya Kate aka "Katie"  with an impressive 7 diamonds, which we speculate is Cecil Kuwal, the madam running the operation.

Emperor's Club Cecil Kuwal aka Maya Katie

London-based Maureen (or is it Marina?):

Emperor's Club Maureen

Sadly, it doesn't look like "Kristen" is listed among the models.

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Comment Archive

Reader Comments:

Could Bill Clinton also be involved in this? Seems like it would be right up his alley. avotor

I wonder what excuse he had for his wife and daughters. He sure wasn't thinking of them when he violated his marital oath.

A dude like him (the NY Gov.) has probably had sex with his own daughters, or someone else's daughters. It wouldn't surprise me, in the least.

To the Dude that left the message about him having sex with someone's daughter.. NO SHIT.. Stupid is as Stupid goes!

Did New York State pay for the governor's good time?

There is only one thing I have to say to all of you, in the immortal words of my Teflon-coated mentor: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

WHO CARES??!! There are so many more politicians, CEO's, Priests, Doctors, Lawyers, etc. who screw whores 'on the side'. Sometimes, it even helps keep your marriage together, if your wife has self-esteem or sexuality 'issues'. They should LEGALIZE escort services, as far as i'm concerned. Let's pay attention to the real important issues. Move on!

WHO CARES! he's lucky he can afford it. He is a great Governor and now he will resign because he had sex with a beautiful woman we all can't afford. SAD, this just proved that Escort services should be legal. I'd rather have politicians having sex with beautiful women (which is going on as we speak)rather than sending our kids to die in IRAQ for all the WRONG reasons!

the funniest thing is, The Democrat Party is much soft with the gay community, and these guy naturally are busted with beautiful women. However, the Republican Party which is against gay marriage, most of them are asking for sex in airport toilet. Hey.. wake up we didn't vote for the Pope, we vote for a man that have access with beautiful women.

Spitzer was going to investigate top Bush administration officials regarding 911, then he did a 180 degree turn and backed off. I wondered who paid him off or what they were blackmailing him with. Now I know.

Bill Clinton wouldn't be interested none of these women are chubby chicks they all are hot bodies. They aren't cheap $20 hookers that blow you in a back ally either... you get what you pay for guys. Sometimes a woman whose worth being with decides to put a value on her time.

BTW... the guy asking for sex in a public toilet was a DEM!

I admit it I did do her, and you wish you did to!

This is peanuts compared to the problems the Mayor of Detroit has.

No, Larry Craig is a Republican -- why not take 10 seconds to look it up before posting? doh

I think he knows he screwed up. The sad part of this is that the feds actually though he might be getting blackmailed to launder the money. To go and create a phony company and know that the IRS saw this information and exchange of cash is crazy. He should have just used Paypal and told his wife he was buying crap on Ebay. As for Bill C, can you blame him for wanting to poke Monica. Look at Hillary! But the governers wife is actually pretty hot in my opinion.

hahahahaha!! If they could sell him that, I can sell him water!

I'd like to hear the story of his sex life at home before I judge him.
All things happen for a reason.

His wife pushed out three kids so she must be pretty loose. None of those puss shown are worth $5k. I've seen hotter looking chicks in my own city.

im am ashamed of myself, i have had sex with alot of others peoples daughters. and i paid cash several times.
i promise not to screw any more of them ....
until i get another chance.
wow, some of you are real goofy.
for any of you self righteous goof balls. if you have never had a good expensive prostitute you will die never knowing what you missed. take $500 or so and enjoy your pathetic little life. and yes she will be someones daughter. you will go back!

Too bad his name wasn't Swallower instead of Spitzer, the pro's may have then swallowed all the evidence and he wouldn't have been caught...

This is a good blog. I think you'd make a great addition to our new online community polzoo.com. Its a user generated political editorial and social network. You can discuss the Spitzer scandal there as well as read about all other kinds of political topics.

How's this scoop for you???

Introducing the beautiful Maya Kate!!! THE Maya Kate!!!


Spitzer is a bone-head. If he wasn't getting it at home he should have just gotten himself a mistress on the side. Someone he could meet in Washington to have sex with for free. Then, no money trail, there's no illegality and if he's caught the public will forgive him - just like Rudy. Hey, if the wife ain't putting out, she deserves this humiliation in my opinion.

Spitzer is a disgrace to New York.

i feel sorry for his wife & his family but even do hi did that she still supported him i wont i will send it to the %&#* well lets see what happen now ...

Some of these previous comments are really stupid. To the poster who said that the guy in a public toilet was a Dem you are dumber than dog shit.

where do I get an application

"kristen" was a guy, you stupid motherfuckers!
Learn to read and write you cumswallowing dicksmokers!!

Cheap Jew bastard had his hoe take a train to Washington. He tried to get her to take a Greyhound Bus, but she don't play that.

Wow and a mini bar too! What a playa that fuckin' putz was. Hope she gave him AIDS.

There aren't many doctors paying 5k/hr for the opportunity to contract Hep C.

I asked a friend how these prices were possible. Her reply was that these prices do not pay for sex but for the damage caused by s&m. This freind who works in the sex trade claims that Gov. Spitzer likes to burn women with cigarettes and was refused as a client by many of the girls.

The guy is human and we humans have all made a mistake. give him a break.

Not only does he like to burn them with cigarettes. He also likes to wear diapers and shit in their mouths. Then puts on leather contractor gloves and rams his arms up every orifice while having them suspended by their necks from bars in the closet. But what really is disgusting is...

This guy is an ass. He should have spent $4300.00 and gotten 43 $100.00 chicks. Do you think this is the only asshole in government that is a total liying fuck. Do yourself a favor next election vote for whoever is not in an office and let the government rebuild itself.

At least he's got class. 4,000 bucks for a hooker!

Most men are only willing to buy flowers and dinner in order to get laid.

I am going to have sex with someones daughter tonight. I like to call her my wife.

Elloit is that you??? Come on answer old Billy boy.

I AGREE WITH EVERYONE SAYING "WHO CARES" So what if he decided to have a lil fun. That should be between him and his family. Not the public! We SHOULD be worried about more important issues like our soldiers dying by the thousands for president "Busch's War", instead of the governor having some fun!!! So what!!

I think he spells his name without the "C"

Yeah! Yeah! SO WHAT! He's just like any other rich man with a lot of money..They WILL PAY for IT! BCUZ they BALLIN like that!! Im pretty sure there are A LOT OF other POLITICIANS, JUDGES, POLICE OFFICERS and more that have done it or IS DOING it. THEY JUST HAVEN"T GOTTEN CAUGHT yet!!

So what?

These same sanctimonious scumbags are the ones that are fucking up this country. These pieces of shit, and that's exactly what they are have their tentacles in every aspect of our lives.

Eliot Spitzer and every politician like him should be shot.

So what my ass!
Fuck them and fuck you!

If he were a Republican, he would have got a homosexual male prostitute.

Prostitiution is the oldest profession and isn't really all that bad. Whats bad is that the guy was hypocritcal about it by prosecuting prostitution while in office.

LOL..YOU should be shot for being so damn angry about something that has NUTHIN to do with you. Wat are u some angry bitter activist who bashes the government...Can anyone say "MENTAL" lol

The bad thing in all of this is that he was charging people with the same "crime" HE was involved with.
Thats probably how he learned about the emperor club.
I feel bad 4 his wife and family though. But those outrageous prices HE paid? I guess he wants nuthin but the best.

I was an upscale companion for 7 years (retired now, very wealthy). Let me tell you from experience- these women on that site are NOT worth $5,500.

Furthermore, I believe Kristin is a $1,000/hr girl. He booked her for a 4 hour romp at $5,500. She collected $4,300 when she arrived but he paid $1,200 somehow (western union, money gram) to secure the appointment in advance. Trust me, you cannot just book girls at that rate just by picking up the phone. You have to have money down first.

Yeah I bash the fucking gov't.
Fuck this gov't and fuck you!

Wow for half that price he could have had his wife come to the clinic and we could have made her look anyway he wanted

lol. Mental. For sure. I tell ya wat. why dont you pack a bag and MOVE OUT THE COUNTRY. LOL. Its funny that your that pissed off over that? lol u need help buddy!!!

No sex atr home - That's why guys stray!

No Sex at Home = Why guys stray!

its always some idiot ot screw things up with that language. Lets get back to the issue here.

please,come people we all do it every man outthere had screwed a pro sometime s,let not make a big deal out this,this is a problem between the gov and the gov's wife,however if he pay that pro with tax money,he should be kill

i like that. no sex=guys stray...

Selling is Legal, Fukin is legal, So why is selling fu@#$ illegal?

Most of the girls up on the site ARE top-models
I have met most of the....There is one that resently
did a spread for ITALIAN VOGUE....
They are not the regular,un-educated call girls
Most powerful rich man visit escorts,This makes them feel MORE powerful...This girls are incredibly beautiful
dress in high couture and are "party girls"
These Gentleman pay for the TOTAL attention of a
beautiful girl...something they don't get from their
wives at home.

How come the New York taxpayers have to pay when their Governor screws them?

Talk about your cheap dates.

He will be soon happy when he steps down as Kristen feels free to see him nore often and nobody will care.

go here to see one of the ladies... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w3TILzaFhA

hey nice video

You guys have it all wrong. He was working undercover and was just about to turn everything over to the F.B.I. If you don't beleive me, just ask Billy.

Those are some really nice looking women. Kind of explains why the average man never gets good looking women, they are selling themselves to the highest bidder. In our system I guess its understandable as you try to capitalize (capitalism, get it?) on your attributes. Just like someone big and fast will try for the Pro teams.

It is a sad reality that unless you are rich or a celebrity you probably wont be meeting or hooking up with any beautiful women. Its a hard fact of life. I know the only beautiful women Ive experienced Ive paid for. The ones I got on my own were less than average or average and if they went with me would have gone with anyone basically and probably had. Like they say, lifes not fair.

I think this is a trap laid by Osama Bin Laden and Google's founder Mr. Larry

Modelgirl, tell us then what a real, high -class 5000 dollar "model" looks like. We are curious.!!!!!!!!
does anyone know any other similar "sites"?

Who are any of us to judge someone else?
To everyone who has something negative to say, has your life been without sin?


at least he didnt get a nig##r!

Mr. Anonymous- THEY DON'T EXIST. It is a way of these agencies getting greedy. They take HALF of that girls money. The govenor of NY is a fool for paying that. Now, the Victoria Secret models are worth $50000 +, but these girls on that site are "regular beautiful women" that you can find anywhere....including right here, ME!

Men are fools...you are your own worst enemie.

I tear up emperors club girls pussies all the time! Don't knock it till you tried it. Take it from me, my dick is real soar from all the fornication. That will happen if you bang these bitches 7 or 8 times in one night.
Ho got all my money...

Guess what? when he calls a lady from Emperor's Club next time they would send his wife... she will avenge!!!

I agree with modegirl beautiful women are everywhere. If it's hard to find here go to Russia. There are tons of top notch women longing to marry men from USA. Just be careful and do a good selection you won't regret your Russian girls.

Russian girls are regarded as the lowest end
High class agency DO NOT hire russian girls

Democrats F@#k, REPUBLICANS S#$K!Of course it's hard to top this!

Searching web to find how Kristen looks, why she can't make money like Monica. Hey Publishers, go for it.
" Night with Governor"
I'd read the book

Searching web to find how Kristen looks, why she can't make money like Monica. Hey Publishers, go for it.
" Night with Governor"
I'd read the book

Some of the archives at archive.org from 2006 has links to other escort services which includes one in the UK where I'm sure someone can have a field day with it. Course I've never had an interest in looking up an escort service so I couldn't say how easy it is to find them. But I'm a bit curious as to what if anything the ladies on the emperor's club site would be charged with or if Spitzer is the only one in trouble.

WHO CARES??!! There are so many more politicians, CEO's, Priests, Doctors, Lawyers, Christian Conservatives, business people, professors, etc. who screw prostitutes or "call-girls" 'on the side'. Sometimes, it even helps keep your marriage together, if your wife has self-esteem or sexuality 'issues', but the same goes for men too! They should LEGALIZE escort services, as far as i'm concerned. Let's pay attention to the real important issues. Move on you hypocritical conservatives ---- especially some of the law enforcement officers to politicians of both parties!!!

Also, I am tired of people signing anonymous out there!! I am not afraid to speak my mind, and about other folks out there!!???

And don't into this moral crap about "what about your daughter??"" and look into your own backyard for you "moral majority folks" out there!!

Lee Scott, RN
(yes, you could find me on hotornot.com under www.hotchoicevitamins.com and this is my name besides my real name above!!!)

I take a lot of business trips and really miss my wife and 3 daughters, so to compensate for that I arrange a business meeting with a prostitute and we talk about it. I sometimes have sex with the prostitute but I'm thinking of my wife and three daughters while poking the hooker. I'm sure God will forgive me, I go to church each and every Sunday with my wife and three daughters.


A guy really needs a blowjob, and a girl really needs 40 bucks. Whats the big deal?

Who the cares what he did. As long as it was not with state money. The issue is between him and his family. There are way more serious issues that need our attention instead of this BS.

It's funny how people want to speak their minds but can't spell beyond the 4th grade level. I just want the juicy details about what this freak was into that he would pay so much money for. What a dumb ass. Hell, his wife looks pretty hot to me.. wonder what he'd think about his daughters being high priced call girls??
What a tool. A typical politician that stupid Americans elect to run our country. All those that voted for Bush raise your hands and be proud!!
At least the Romans lasted for a while before they fell.

It's funny how people want to speak their minds but can't spell beyond the 4th grade level. I just want the juicy details about what this freak was into that he would pay so much money for. What a dumb ass. Hell, his wife looks pretty hot to me.. wonder what he'd think about his daughters being high priced call girls??
What a tool. A typical politician that stupid Americans elect to run our country. All those that voted for Bush raise your hands and be proud!!
At least the Romans lasted for a while before they fell.

I know its early but take your meds, expatriate... Then the voices will stop.

expatriate.. you sir are a Fucking Moron!

There are a couple of reasons this matter. One is that this guy was a prosecuter. Like if he'd been the secretary of agriculture--I'd say "so what?" But a lot of his living was made prosecuting prostitues. Conflict of interest? Hahahah...And secondly, as much as we'd all like to believe that ballerinas and top London University graduates become hookers...uhm, models, REAL models...can make up to 25,000 an hour for just standing around. Even an entry level model will make 10,000 just for showing up. So, I'm guessing if you have to F some dude for one to three thousand an hour...you didn't make the grade.

Sorry sensitive folks, I was just kidding around and being sarcastic. No need for name calling. Oh, and I did take my meds, or did I? Hmm..

I am shocked...NOT...who cares, as long as he did not use taxpayers money nor do it on Tax payers time...who cares..it is between he the hooker and his wife....

80,000.00 ?????
For that much he could have bought 2 russians, 2 ukrainians, 1 japanese and 4 filipino ladies to do his bidding for the next 50 years.

It could have been worse; at least for once(lately), a poltician wasn't harassing congressional paiges or practicing a wide-stance at the airport.

It's the oldest profession--sorry, it's just not shocking enough.

I think spitzer was always a scum-bag, I mean look at him. I wonder if his wife is involved in this. I think Spitzer should be stoned(the old school),then castrated..4 real.

It would not surprise me a bit to know that Spitzer has had sex w/someones daughter. He does in fact look like a seedy pedophile. I agree w/ the dude that said he should be shot.

Sex with his daughters? Bill Clinton? What is wrong with you people? If this is a Republican/Democrat thing, at least he wasn't soliciting gay sex in an airport bathroom while attacking homosexuals from his office.

When you hold a public office you shouldn't fuck around.
The sad thing is that he will not be punished.

People in both parties are messing up. Clinton is an idiot, so we vote for Bush, he turns out to be an Idiot, now we got a bunch of liberals running all idiots!

Obama, Clinton, McCain, there is no difference between them!

Truth is, if you Believe and folow Christ, then you dont do these type of things, if you dont then you do what ever your heart desires!

Its a matter of the heart, be true to God or to some thing else, thats all there is to it!

Its not your political party, its not your religion, its your willingness to follow Truth Honesty and Faith in the true God that sets the real apart from the liars!

New Yorkers continue to get what they want .... a gov that can't be fully satisfied by his wife and a senator that can't fully satisfy her husband .... think these two ladies will compare notes?

Any other problems over there?
He did, what millions of american men do every day.
Dont be so prudish! America got the biggest porn-industry worldwide.

hehee lol lol rotlmfao you guys are great !

fuck its sex the man still is qualified to do the job let him fuckfuckfuck what do i care as long as he is using his own money its his wife problem no one elses

are the feds going after other xxx porn star agencies? how about bodymiracle? the owners of that agency have had problems with the i.r.s.-was spitzer a client?

I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for Mrs. Spitzer. Watching her on the podium, with thousands of photos being taken while the father of her daughters disgraces himself on world wide television, she is a model of courage. And there is no excuse that justifies (ex)Governor Spitzer's actions. That being said, I will bet you anything that she rarely, if ever, had sex with her husband, a hard charging virile male, and he found other outlets. Assuming that fact to be true, she only has herself to blame for not being able to keep her husband satified sexually. The truth hurts.

Spitzer and his wife are both lawyers so fuck em! Ha Ha


If a woman is not satisfying her husband's sexual needs, it's probably because she's bored to death herself. You men all think you're better in the sack than you really are. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

As for the girls. Everyone sells their self in one way or another in their life. I feel sorry for the man..it should be legalized. I was browsing and found this hot girl in ohio...omg..


WOW...She should be in the club.hahah

This comment has been removed by the author.

Damn that! I'm changing my major to Internet pimping. $5500 an hr!!?? $31,000 A DAY!?? I can get 20 women in the next hr that'll LOVE that $2000 A DAY LET ALONE 31000! ALL YOU STREET LEVEL PIMPS BETTER STEP YOUR GAME UP!

What a pussy. If he wasn't caught in the act when he did it who cares. Bill Clinton wouldn't have resigned, he would have said he was helping her with her tuition. And would probably try to find a way to write it off as charity.

The only thing I can think of is, Kristen is a transvest who changed his name from Chris.

I would be curious to know if this investigation accidentally caught him, or if he was the object of the investigation to begin with? He made a lot of enemies.
Not that I am against prostitution, I think it is primarily a victim-less crime, but what an idiot... He should have known he would be caught eventually.

to all you haters out there. Leave Spitzer alone, most of you would have done the same thing given the opportunity to sleep with beautiful women like these with no strings attached.

What a ripoff. You can have thousands of better girls at www.eros.com and they are a lot less expensive.

his only mistakes were paying too much and getting caught. mr. governer you are a dumbass!!

his only mistakes were paying too much and getting caught. mr. governer you are a dumbass!!

$1,000 per hour was the least expensive? Damn...I'm in the wrong business.

pinches gringos pendejos,, esas viejas se llevan sus impuestos

siiii,,, suck my dick,, pinches gringos.. ahi acaban todos sus impustos,, pero definitivamente estan bien destinados,

Listen people, if not most successful guys scew call girls...its the better thing to do, instead of having a relationship with another woman.It is just that mr spitzer is caught,most guys are natural sex addicts, and if the see a young chick they will want to bone it. So do most married women..they would love to sleep with young hot guys, but they put there pride infront...they only problem i would have is if this dude use the state money to do it...if not it's fine by me..and trust me most guys cheat on there wife or they will if the have the oppertunity..thats why i am scared to marry ..lol

Devil bless America!

Devil bless America.

There are pictures of Kristen's profile here: www.wwtdd.com if you scroll down, FYI.

check out pagesix.com for Kristen, a bit blurry but you get the picture

if u guys wanted to see stupid stuff check out websites like craigslist, adultfriendfinder and u will see what going on there

Just goes to show you, men think with their dicks. He has managed to hurt his wife and family. What happened to having morals and self dignity? Clearly, this man is one of the scum bags running this country. Its a shame, its being run into the ground. I hope his dick falls off because of this! Sad thing is, there will always be one to take his place.

What happens to all the convictions he generated as AG

No one is perfect and we all make mistakes everyday, Spitzer just got caught, but what is so stupid on his part is that he new exactly how the banks and FEDS operate trying to uncover these high profile escort services after all he has lead countless investigations busting these "whore" rings. He should have known the risk he was taking by using one! Hey I'm a woman and I know what it's like to need alittle more, but when your in the public eye as to the extent that Spitzer is (was), there are some things you just can't do even if you can afford to pay $4000+ for it. He wired huge amounts of money, used a close friends name to carry out his lude behavior. How stupid! I feel sorry for his daughers. He should resign! If I was his wife I'd tke him out on the back nine of the golf course and beat the fuck out of him with my sand wedge.

To the ass hole that thinks that Spitzer was forced to pay for the sex that we wasn't getting at home, and that his wife should be subjected to this humiliation. Grow you a set and join the rest of the adults. His wife probably didn't get into the twisted shit he could pay a whore to do.

I'm not gonna lie, I've had sex with my daughter and my friend's daughter...my friend's daughter was much better...do with that what you will, just thought you'd like to know

my wife used to say "if I ain't giving you enough sex you best go to a hooker or you're a muslim fag" I told her muslim fag was my father

Dad? Is that you?

I bet there are about a billion guys out there right now that wish they could afford it, married or not.

I once screwed a whore, just thought that might help move this conversation along

Could anyone please post the phone number of the girl with the name MAYA ? WOW!

Thank you governor, I had not seen her but thanks to you I can now hire her.

Make that a billion and one. If I could afford a hooker I'd run down and be like yo hooker how much for yo thang!?

In my country like several others in Africa, this whole episode is nonsense as the gorvenors etc get their aides to arrange prostitutes and orgies 7 days a week... u wanna try naija

Could anyone please post the phone number of the girl with the name MAYA ? WOW!

Thank you governor, I had not seen her but thanks to you I can now hire her.

212-577-7550 ask for Butterscotch.

Wonder what he got his wife for Valentine's Day? I'm sure she knew about his outings, most women do...she is just devastated she's disgraced in public and now his kids have to eat shit for the rest of their lives because Daddy is an asshole!

Devil is dooming america!
All hassidic jews couple are doing sex magick with prostitutes!
check out!
And going to press posing by moralist!
Is all lie
Wake amerika!

at least he wasnt having sex with a man



See : enter

The Big Shot Gov paid $4,300 to get his wee wee wet. i wondered if she pulled his ears when he was going down on her?

That # was a riot. lol

On the bright side, maybe Mrs. Spitzer will be running for President in 2012. It worked for Hillary.

go to adelitas in tijuana mexico with 70 dlls you can get a super model chic, all inclusive... they don't have lists, n o cameras, they don't care about you.

If he were a Republican, he would have got a homosexual male prostitute.

Let us not forget the story of one James Guckert/Jeff Gannon. Just WHO in the WH was he stuffing?

Do you think he would put in a good word at the E- Club to get his daughters an internship?

the gay that was in the other toilet with senator larry craig, was a dem. he blackmail larry.

modelgirl, you seem awful proud of all that money you worked (actually, you just laid there and spread your legs) for. Is that money worth the fact that no decent man would ever marry you? Of course you could just lie to your life partner and never tell him you were a slut, an actual "I sold my body to anyone with money HOOKER!" and hope he never finds out. Bet if your with a man right now he doesnt know, or he just has no class either.

"...if it's hard to find here go to Russia." Yeah right. When the dollar is worth about as much as a ruble because of ALL of our wonderful democrats and republicans taking Great care of our country and not obsessed with their "private" matters I'm sure those Russian women will just love to be with American men. Let's face it, we're screwed.

All the "so what" and "who cares" comments are amusing when this dude are cracking down on prostitution himself. I'm suspicious of all smooth talkers no matter if it's a preacher or politican. They've got seriously guilty subconsciences, and we pay for it.

Bill Clinton is to cheap for this and none of these girls are hefty!

How funny it is reading all of your comments.. All I can say is that eventhough you feel that its ok to mess around as you had said most of the guys are doing,, we need to remember that he is holding a public office that requires integrity and holds you accountable for whatever actions that you do.. He is not an ordinary guy , he has some commitment to the general public. As for his wife, I guess, its better if we leave her alone, She suffered enough for what he has done.. and to insinuate that she can't give/satisfy him enough is not fair to her. At least, she's brave enough to stand beside hinm and support him as he give responses to media.
If you cant be honest with your wife, better not get married and just have fun for the rest of your life.. But if you want to get married, then , make sure youget real with your commitments and be more responsible for your family and that includes for your kidz...
We need to be less self focus and think of others, esp our family , how much nmore as a leader, think of the general public, the people.. If you cant even think of your family, how can you think for your people. If you cant be honest with your family, then , how can you be hobnest with people...

you guys, need to focus on thereal issue here and stop playing kidz tryign to be too personal and attacking parties or others,, stick to the real issues at hand,..

Of course, everybody could be forgiven, surely , eventually, he would be forgiven by his family too.. they are family in a way,, But what i am saying is that eventhough, the people of NY could forgive him, (of course, everybody could be forgiven), but he still needs to be accountable for his actions, he needs to take responsibility and it was wise of him to resign today.. and hopefully, he could move on with his wife...and family eventually.. Anyways, family is family... that is the most important thing in the world. And if he truly misused public funds, then , he needs to be prosecuted, same with others.. No one should be above the law,,How much more if the public voted for you and put their trust on you..

So sad that this country is run by sicko's that think just like you do. This is the whole problem with the world today, our lack of morals in case you didnt catch on morons. Start thinking with your head and not your penis!

I dont feel sorry for Spitzer he deserves negative reports from CNN, Foxnews, MSNBC and Aljazeera for getting caught, asshole leaving money trail. I been fooling on my wife for 25 with mistresses, prostitutes. Six months ago I found she been doing the same for last 15 years. I caught her and file for divorce. What comes around go around.

anonymous said...

Spitzer could have solved all his problems by simply checking into a rehab center after he was outed.

Spitzer is not the first nor the last to take a walk on the wild side. What he does after business hours should not be the public's concern. It didn't effect how he performed his duties as a governor. He should have never resigned.

We now know why NEw York State has the highrst taxes in the country! Look what we have to pay for!

I don't blame the guy... look at his ugly wife

all I need is the pic of these women and I saved myself $4300.00

so much fuss over a governor using a prostitute, when in reality we have far more pressing issues, i.e. like the fact that we were lied to about iraq and yet not peep out of the public. should any of us care what this guy does on his spare time? absolutley not. how about care about the things that matter to us most.

$1,000 an hour for THAT? You've got to be kidding.

What can she possibly have that's worth $5,000 per hour?

To those who argue "Who cares?" This is not like he had a mistress (which is not a crime). He was involved in a prostitution ring and was shifting money to phantom accounts to partake in those services. The man at the head of the NY government that creates these laws subjected himself to possible bribery, extortion schemes and a number of other underground, shady elements.

Oh, and you cannot justify Spitzer's bad behavior by point to others' bad behavior.

Hey, You know what they say? "A Bird In hand is like two in the Bush!" You meet the same people on the way down as you meet on the way up! Hey,where did he go to Prep School???

I'd definitely pee in her butt!!

Eliot Spritzer - "looking forward to spending ime in the Governor John Rowland Memorial Cell -somewhere in a Federal lock up near you."

Bill Clinton was the 'Best' in this kinda stuff! He was busy with Monica in his office, while Hillary was one floor above!
And he had the nerve to tell that he had fun 22 times!...and he asked his prosecutors..."What do you mean by the term 'Sexual Relationship'?
And the Best part was Billy Boy had to sleep on a Couch for 2 months and then on a nice Sunday Prayer-Breakfast, shed a couple of tears and was 'Forgiven' for Adultery by his Pastor! All Sins Forgiven!

I wonder why american people judge politicias so hard for their attitudes before sex, when they are exactly a copy of them, or even worst.

Rise your hand those who are free of guilt.

i wonder if our x presient bill would love this set up it would be just up his balls sack

sad day, my hero got blasted! even the "good guys," fuck up sometimes.
too bad, he was a good candidate for president in years to come. now he is all washed up.
we all lose for the poor choices he made.
i am saddened for his wife and daughters, and the shame he's brought to them.

You can see more of Maya at:




As for Eliot Spitzer's own Kristen, you can check out her MySpace page under the name:

Ashley Alexandra Dupré

-- love the tune it plays, "Can you handle me?"

I don't care who he screws or how much just that he better damn not be using taxpayer's money i.e. MY MONEY!

There seems to be this notion in America today that you can be a real "dirtbag" in your personal life but be a good politician. If Spitzer's wife and daughters can't trust him, who can???

BIG DEAL......so her boned a few dishrag whores.....who hasn't........maybe his wife didn't like blowing him or taking it up the arse.....who cares.....there are women who offer this service for paying clients........so he blew his load all over her face a few times......does he really need to be rediculed for doing what every man does to the average girl anyway ?

At least Clinton had the decency to only allow whores to suck his bone........Clint knew a thing of two about diplomacy

what the hell is this country coming to?? i can't believe the majority of you are viewing prostitution as "no big deal". this is wrong in every way. it doesn't matter that it's the oldest industry, etc. that doesn't make it right. there's a reason why it's denounced in every major religion. it's immoral! but then again, americans threw that baby out with the bath water years ago! i guess our new religion is consumerism and believing in God and His laws has been replaced with "just being spiritual". give me a f'in break.

and, on a side note, to respond to one of the comments above, there are plenty of beautiful women out there who are decent and don't sell themselves. if you can't get one of them to date or marry and have to pay for one, it just means that YOU are a LOSER.

This really isn't as bad as it seems; so the guy wanted to crush some fine p****. At least he did it with classy, expensive harlots and not cheap broads. These chicks are probably cleaner than most other women in the city. I applaud him for admitting he was hitting some fine a**. Now if the other Dems. stop having sex with pages.

at least the guy paid for the service... and at least she was not underage, or a kid....
like in latinamerican countries, where the 'precious governor' hunts down kids,yes little boys and girls, 14 and under, and has nasty pedophile sex with them... and then goes around his business without aoplogizing to anyone, without quitting his public office job, and without getting caught...
America is a better Country, because this guy has embarrased himself, quit his job, and will probably never get any from his wife again...

some ppl are leaving ridiculous comments this is a job for these girls even if it not approved by the average person. and just because a man or woman would pay a girl DOES NOT mean they would sleep with their own kids. Really, he wouldn't of paid thousands of dollars if he was. i'm not defending what he did but seriously thats sick (the previous comment)

If he is convicted of a crime as a result of this, then let him be Chairman for the New York State Sex Offender registy. His name could be at the top of the list.

this affair just shows up hypocrisy of America and Americans...They all pretend to be cleaner than clean but instead they are sleazy runts

he's the guvnor, they should have givin him a freebee ha ha

post more pics of these sluts yeahhhh

Hey! At least Elliot Spitzer had a lot more class and respect than Bill Clinton!

At least Elliot has the decency to do it out of NY state and not in the governor's office; unlike Bill Clinton discracing the White House!

He does not deserve dis-bar-ment like Bill Clinton did!

OHHHHH!....Silga has to want to follow in Hillary Clinton's foot steps! She can become the next woman President after Hillary too!!!

Man...the Democratic strategy lives on!!!

How clever!

Hilary Clinto - President
Silga Spitzer - Vice President

OBAMA does not have a chance!!!!

I didn't even think it was all that expensive...

I can't believe this shits still illegal in this day and age.


"I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"

Well, it he would have been a republican it would probably been a male escort or a child.

The got rid of him be cause he was of all that he was trying to acomplish!!!!

All the political crap and marital infidelity aside, it's too bad we all live in a backward, bible-thumping country when it comes to sex. if you ever have visited Europe you'd know that sex is no big deal there. If a woman (not a pro)finds you attractive she will not play games if she desires you and will straight-up ask you to bed. This was my observation and experience when I lived there. Also in Holland and Germany prostitution is legal and doesn't carry the social stigma that it does here. Prostitutes there pay the gov't taxes and have health insurance. Now I'm just speculating that where it is legal, they would have fewer pedophile perverts and rapists because the men there have an outlet for those needs. When are we going to pull our American heads out of our asses and allow for the legal regulation of the oldest profession? Answer - NEVER!

$4300 for a hooker?
No wonder these politicos can't control government spending, or balance a budget.

Just found a ph# for one of those callgirls...I think you can find an easy cheap solution by dialing 866-675-2008...I heard they really do put out a lot for their clients, but be prepared for a lot of mindless discussion about how to make the world a better place, too.

Sex with a hooker or going to a strip joint is borderline cheating but obviously Mrs Spitzer aint pleasin her man so he's gota get it somewhere!!!

Give the dude a break.... He's a guy who needs sex, We all do!

They are making an example out of this guy for being so tough on crime. He isn't the only public figure cheating on his wife. The articles said the the Feds confiscated over 6,000 emails requesting an appointment. This could have happened to anyone!!!

What a despicable and false jerk he is! Shame on you Spitzer - go to hell!

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