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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Big List of Anti-Censorship/Anonymous Web Browsing Software

First off, why might you need to surf the web anonymously or through a proxy? There are several reasons:
  • You live in a country that censors the web. Moreover, you might get arrested if you try to access the wrong site.
  • You live in the wrong country. Websites censor or block content based on where they think you live based on your IP address. A mundane example is content restricted to the US like full streaming episodes of TV shows.
  • You don't want your web traffic to be tied to you. You don't websites keeping track of what you read or search for. As several online privacy debacles have shown, major sites and search engines are remarkably careless with their users' privacy.
For these reasons and more, I've compiled a list of free resources below that you can use to bypass or defeat censorship and protect your privacy.

The list will be continually updated.



SYMPA: Send anonymous email with this application

Web Browsing

Psiphon: Anonymous browsing based on networks of trust. Users need a username and password to logon to a unique web address before being allowed to use the proxy. Psiphon users don't need to install software, but users who want to run a psiphonode do.

Tor: This well-regarded application, recommended for use in conjunction with Firefox, routes your traffic through several other computers to increase your online safety and privacy.

UltraSurf 8: This application works with Internet Explorer to secure your browsing. A lock icon will appear on screen to indicated it is working. It is targeted mainly at Chinese net users, but English speakers should also check it out.

Sites (Web proxies)

Tip: Look for a CGI proxy if you need to logon to a site, you might also need to turn on Javascript


Anonymouse: Browse the web through the web interface and even send anonymous emails.

BrowseAtWork: Features a Firefox extension for quick access

MySafeSurf: Features a provocative and suggestive banner


Proxy.org: List thousands of working proxies


Proxy 4 Free: Mixes transparent and anonymous proxies (if you need privacy, be sure to choose the ones labeled high anonymity)

Proxies sorted by Country (also from Proxy.org)

Super Privacy Guard: Great for users who want to tweak their proxy, supports URL encoding

VTunnel: supports URL encryption with RC4, which might fool some censorship filters


TemporaryInbox: Get a disposable email, also support forwarding, Firefox extension available

Proxy Ranking Sites


Global Proxies


Proxy Ring

Proxy Top List

Top Proxies

Top Proxy Sites


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Reader Comments:

I'd like to add my proxy to the list. It can be found at


I'd also like to add GigaTribe, which is private p2p software. It encrypts all exchanges, so no one aside from you and the other person knows what's being exchanged:

HotSpot Shield allows to do browsing and it's free. It does show ads on every page but it works great.

thanks very:)
Eglence Forum Forum, Paylaşım

I foound proxy on . . . H.e.R.e . . .

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