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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Editing Photos: It's A Picnik

There are many photo editing sites out there including some that attempt to rival Photoshop in photo-editing power, but Picnik is probably one of the best designed. Its tab-based navigation makes it a snap to get a photo, edit it, and save and share it.

Picnik is tightly integrated with many of the photo sharing sites out there. You can search for photos on Flickr or Yahoo, upload it from your computer, or even snap a quick shot with your webcam.

In the editing step, you can do a one-click quick fix, rotate, sharpen, or eliminate red-eye in your photo. There aren't too many power user features yet. Then it's onto saving it. You can authorize Picnik to upload your newly enhanced photo to your Flickr account, email it, or even print it out.

As a bonus, double-click on the Picnik logo in the upper-left corner to fullscreen your editing window.
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