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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Barbie Bandits: Strippers Turned Bank Robbers (Pictures)

The "Barbie Bandits" were two teenage strippers who decided that robbing a bank would be "exciting." Now, one member of the duo, Ashley Miller, is getting 2 years in prison for her role in the robbery while her accomplice, Heather Johnston, is facing 10 years parole.

The two 19-year-olds met while working at a strip club called Shooter Alley near Atlanta, Georgia. Ashley's stage name was "Adrienne" while Heather's was "Charlie." They could easily make more than $1000 for a few days work, but it wasn't enough. The pair got the idea of pulling a bank heist from Miller's boyfriend, ex-convict Michael Chastang.

But not everything went as planned. For one, they took a wrong turn and almost wound up robbing the wrong Bank of America. But after that gaffe, the actual heist went off smoothly. Ashley and Heather wore jeans and designer sunglasses for the robbery and joked with each other while waiting for their money. Some bank customers didn't even know a robbery was taking place.

With the $11,000 from the heist, the Barbie Bandits went to a local mall, shopped at Gucci, and got their hair done at an expensive salon. But the party ended abruptly when they were arrested two days later.

Barbie Bandits

Barbie Bandits [ABC News]

Ashley Miller & Heather Johnston

Ashley Miller & Heather Johnston [Smoking Gun]

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