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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Google Gets Hacked?

Google hasn't had the misfortune of many well-publicized hacking incidents except for minor incidents on Google's official Blogger blogs.

So what would Google look like if it actually got hacked by script kiddies? Maybe something like Google H4k0r, which is one of many official, cute alternative Google search interfaces. The only big difference between regular Google and hacker Google is how words are spelled.

Hacker jargon basically switches numbers for letters on a case by case basis and alternates capitalization of letters. So "Google Search" becomes "Google s3a|2ch", and "Preferences" becomes "PR3F3R3N(3Z."

The only things that are left unchanged are the basic interface and the word "Google." Might we suggest "G00gl3"?

Google Hacker


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