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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Andreia Schwartz: Eliot Spitzer's Downfall Revealed (Pictures)

Andreia Schwartz has a rare opportunity: a get-out-of-jail-free card named Eliot Spitzer. The former madam and prostitute's deportation to her native Brazil has been halted while the Manhattan district attorney's office and the FBI try to determine what she knows about Spitzer's connection to her former employer, Emperor's Club VIP.

She has allegedly given prosecutor's checks made out to the Emperor's Club VIP as evidence of Spitzer's entanglement with the high-end prostitution ring.

The former call girl used to work for the Emperor's Club before striking out on her own as a madam. She was charging $750 to $1500 per hour for her girls. Since 2001, she claims to have made an impressive $1.5 million from prostitution. Tax free, which led to her conviction on charges of prostitution and drug possession.

Schwartz has a history of bringing down high-profile clients. The CFO of Time Warner, Wayne Pace, was named as one of the people funding her "investments." Schwartz claims "I got up to $200,000 ... from just one guy, who worked for AOL, in cash, mortgage payments, checks and other things."

But her ambition doesn't end there: she tried to buy an entire floor of the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue using money from a group of Italian investors. Now she gets to keep only $150,000 of her hard-earned gains, losing her $1.2 million Manhattan apartment and $300,000 in her bank account.

Andreia Schwartz Photo Gallery

Andreia Schwartz

Andreia Schwartz, Brazilian call girl

Andreia Schwartz Blue Bikini

Andreia in a blue bikini

Andreia Schwartz White Bikini

Andreia in a white bikini

Andreia Schwartz Front Page

Andreia on the front page of the Daily News

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Wow! she is realy gorgeous. Much more that the pitiful Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

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