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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Watch the Beatles 1962 Star Club Performance in Hamburg

Recordings of Ringo Star's first performance in the Beatles may be released soon by online music store, Fuego Entertainment. They were made during the Beatles 1962 Star Club performance in Hamburg, Germany. Among the tracks are Paul McCartney singing "Lovesick Blues" and John Lennon singing "Ask Me Why."

However, Apple Corps, which is in charge of protecting the Beatles intellectual property, says that they are simply bootlegs that Fuego doesn't have the right to sell. It's looking for $15 million in damages.

Luckily, avoiding the legal mess, you can already watch a couple recordings of the Star Club performance on YouTube.

The Beatles - "Red Sails In The Sunset":

The Beatles - "I'm Talking About You":

You can watch "Where Have You Been All My Life" here.

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