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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Deltalina: Watch Katherine Lee in Delta's New Flight Safety Video

You might actually pay attention to the in-flight safety video the next time you fly Delta Air Lines if Deltalina has her way. Deltalina, or Katherine Lee, has become a YouTube phenomenon after starring in the normally yawn-inducing video.

The 33-year-old flight attendant gets her nickname from a combination of "Delta" and Angelina Jolie, who fans say she resembles. The attention-capturing video features special effects, an unusual soundtrack, and "finger wags" for a more modern feel.

On the soundtrack behind the mandatory Federal Aviation Administration safety instructions — such as how to buckle a seat belt, how to wear an oxygen mask and when to put away a cell phone — the new video is backed by a smooth jazz drumbeat and ethereal electronic tones. In one spot, the viewer suddenly sees a digital sparkle on the smile of a shaven-headed male flight attendant who is demonstrating how to properly wear a life vest.

There's also the finger wag. Halfway through the 4-1/2 minute video, Lee unexpectedly and playfully wags a long finger at the camera while instructing that "Smoking ... is not allowed, on any Delta flight."

The audition process to star in the video was tough. From 82 initial flight attendants, only 10 were selected to be in the video, and one chosen for the lead role.

You can watch Deltalina in action below:

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Reader Comments:

So what? Wow, America must be bored. Too much politics, I suspect.

And, by the way, the woman in the cockpit at the end of the commercial is far more appealing. She's got a commercial ticket...

jerk! but thats what you want to hear. very good job lee we have to keep people informed and up dated this jerk will be on the flights to space soon one day and will have the same reaction like all the people who are not concerned because they have flown for ever but i have heard it forever and each time take it seriously thanks again delta and other airlines

From all that we can see this thing http://Deltalina.com is growing and could be the biggest bit of free pub for Delta and for airlines in general is a long time. The little airlines have been creative for a long time on board and many times slammed for it. But when one of the big 3 pushing it just a little bit and it gets out in the pap/cleb world we live in WoW!

Deltalina and her pictures are the most searched in the last 2 days. The deal is she seems not to of been in from of the camera or done ads before except on Deltalina.com I think those other pics are her in the Red Uniform dress. The pic at the bottom is the chick that got fired for having a blog sometime back and wrote a book.

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