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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Delete Most Recently Used (MRU) Files List

You might notice that when you go to the open or save dialog boxes of Firefox or Windows Media Player that a list of recently opened or saved files is shown. To stop these most recently used files from being displayed anymore,

1. Go to Start->Run and type in "regedit". Click OK.

2. Locate

If the Comdlg32 key does not exist,
a. Click the Policies key.
b. Go to the Edit menu and click New. Then click Key.
c. Type in "comdlg32", and then press Enter.

3. Go to the Edit menu and click New. Then click DWORD Value.

4. Type in "nofilemru" and press Enter.

5. Go to the Edit menu, click Modify.

6. Type 1 and click OK.

The second step is to delete the MRUs that have already been created. You can download a program called MRU-Blaster that will locate and delete more than 30,000 different MRU items from your registry.


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I use a program called SecuredPrivacy to perform this task.

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