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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

SearchMash: Google 2.0?

Google has rolled out some new search features in a testing ground called SearchMash. It's heavily AJAX-ified in keeping with the times. Features include: drag-and-drop reordering of search results (a la Yahoo! Mindset although Mindset is an automated algorithm), auto-focus on the search box, images next to text results (a la A9), and scrolling for more search results.

It looks like Google is trying to update the user interface of its main site with SearchMash without drawing too much attention. There's almost no information on the site itself that tells you it's a Google site. Certainly, there's a need for a re-design of the Google UI with the competition racing alongside and even ahead in some cases although the features currently available at SearchMash aren't too impressive compared to the interface offered by a site like Krugle.


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