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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

GStock Supercomputer: SETI@Home for Stocks

GStock Supercomputer sounds so much like a fraud with its claim of 70% accuracy. There's even a list of past trading alerts you can download. Here's how they explain it:
The goal of this virtual supercomputer is to identify the most historically effective technical analysis strategies per stock Who said that web 2.0 is just information sharing and collaboration? Why not collaborate with your computer power to beat the stock market? Using architecture similar to NASA's seti@home, GStock.com can utilize unimaginable computing power using thousands of its volunteers’ processors. This community of volunteered computer power forms a virtual supercomputer which sole purpose is to find the best performing strategy for any stock. It calculates over 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) investment strategies on a 10-year period timeline for EVERY stock with a trading history.
I wouldn't put too much stock (pun intended) in the buy and sell signals, but GStock is an interesting idea. It's got a nice user interface so it's a useful site if only for that.


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Looks really cool. The user interface is like Netvibes'.

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