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Friday, September 22, 2006

AOL Launches Video Metasearch Engine

AOL's metasearch engine creatively called SearchVideo allows users to search in one pass through sites like Youtube, Google Video, and Comedy Central. While more focused on developers rather than end users, the site has a nice implementation of Javascript, allowing search results to load quickly within the page. Users can apply filters to the their searches based on file type, rating, and length without the hassle of using specialized queries.

The interface design is cluttered with seemingly every possible option represented, making it inelegant, but surprisingly effective with everything spelled out. SearchVideo seems to be meant more as proof-of-concept to lure in developers who want to implement video search or content providers who want to reach their audiences than to serve as a search engine. However, there is a useful watchlist feature which will keep you updated on videos matching your search parameters that you can subscribe to as an RSS feed.


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