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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Baseball Scorecard Excel Template

Given that baseball season is well upon us, I thought it might be fun to point to a baseball scorecard Excel template. For those who don't know, a baseball scorecard allows you to keep track of an entire baseball game on a sheet of paper. It's essentially a shorthand version of an entire baseball game. Literally, by looking at a scorecard, you can reconstruct the highlights of a game (you need two scorecards: one for the home team and one for the opposing).

The shorthand used to keep track of the at bats and players' progress along the base paths is very intuitive and simple. For example, to mark a single from home to first, you'd draw a line from the bottom to right corner of the diamond on the sheet and put 1B next to it. This sort of datakeeping is at the heart of baseball statistics and systems like Sabermetrics (see Michael Lewis's Moneyball for more). Some more fun things you can do include trying to pick a fantasy baseball team for next season based on this season's performance or trying to predict how individual players will do in later games, but that requires more detailed analysis. While data is readily available online, it's still fun to interact more with the game by keeping score yourself.

Baseball Scorecard Template for Microsoft Excel | Guide to Scoring


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