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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Free Custom Email Address with AOL My eAddress

AOL is giving away free email addresses at a domain name of your choice, but there is a catch: you have to give them your cell phone number so they can SMS a PIN code to verify your registration. The phone number verification is certainly a good way to limit spam accounts since each domain name registration costs on the order of $6 at a minimum. That definitely puts a hitch in trying to get multiple accounts, but if you don't mind handing over your phone number, it's a good way to get a novelty email address. Apparently, you can invite up to 100 friends or family onto the service, and it doesn't look like they need to give a phone number.

With AOL's recent decision to open up services it used to only provide to AOL subscribers, this is a good way for AOL to get and retain new users who wouldn't otherwise dream of using AOL.



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Is this free domain signup, still going on or do you have to have it purchase and then you can switch it over. I tried it but now it's asking me for a Mx and verification of domain.

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