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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ads + Videos = Better Content?

Revver is one of the first video sharing sites to offer cash in exchange for uploading or sharing videos. If you create content and upload it, you get 50% of the ad revenue every time someone clicks an ad in your video. If you just share it by posting it on your blog or site, you get 20% of the ad revenue. This strategy is reminding me a lot of the first dot-com craze where you could earn cash by viewing ads on your computer or stock up on points-for-prizes by using a certain search engine. Still, this might be a good way to catch up with Youtube. Early signs of success include Lonelygirl15's shifting her video distribution from Youtube to Revver.

To really monetize your videos though, Metacafe might be a better choice. You get $5 per 1000 views. Pay-per-view versus pay-per-click. Time will tell if explicitly monetizing videos will allow these sites to beat out sites that rely on the sharing principle.

For those who want to view more professionally composed or entertaining videos, these sites might be a good place to start. If the creators seriously expect to make money from their work, there might be a higher than average chance of finding something worth watching.

Revver | Metacafe


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