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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tharin Gartrell: Obama Assassin Photo Gallery

Tharin Gartrell is a suspected conspirator in a plot to kill presidential candidate Barack Obama. The 28-year-old convicted felon was pulled over for drunk driving at a traffic stop in Aurora, Colorado, which is 25 minutes from Denver, where police discovered that he had several outstanding warrants for arrest along with two sniper rifles, a bullet proof vest, and drugs. He later led them to the Cherry Creek Hotel where an accomplice, Shawn Robert Adolf, tried to escape by jumping out of a sixth floor window and broke his ankle.

During interviews with the Secret Service, Tharin Gartrell and his two other accomplices made statements that indicated a possible threat to Obama. Their connection to a white supremacist biker gang, the Sons of Silence, was also suspicious. However, his MySpace profile, under the name Tharin Roberts, presents a different side to his story, making him look like an ordinary person. It says he's a DJ in Denver who likes training in different fighting styles, skateboarding, and writing music. He doesn't watch TV except for UFC, but he does like movies like "The Lord of the Rings" and "Assassins."

Revealingly, Tharin Gartrell's friend, Shawn, has a MySpace page with the quote: "jump up and smash a goomba......fuck that give me fire power" although the rest of his profile is set to private. "Goomba" being a derogatory term for Italian Americans.

Tharin Gartrell Photo Gallery

Tharin Gartrell Mug Shot

Tharin Gartrell Mug Shot

Tharin Gartrell (Natural Look)

Tharin Gartrell (Natural Look)

Tharin Gartrell Relaxes

Tharin Gartrell Relaxes

Tharin Gartrell in DJ Mode

Tharin Gartrell in DJ Mode

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Reader Comments:

I can't believe sick ******* like this exist.
I usually try not to "hate"
but these types of individuals push me over the edge.

Nice failure, idiot writer. Not only is he referring to Super Mario Brothers with the goomba comment, but goomba is a term of affection or respect.


I visited his my space page if he is a rascist why all the black music I thought I was on P Diddys Page
What a joke I guess that methamdramamine makes ya smart DUH
Is the term wigger politcaly incorrect? I hope your new boyfriend is named leroy he he he he
see ya wouldnt wanna be ya

I am Black and Tharin Gartrell is my cousin. He is no white supremist!

Jump up and smash a goomba is from fucking Mario... Google it, pathetic people.

Yea these idiots should rot in a cell while the general public stomps the shit out of them, don't get me wrong.

Still unnecessary to add some racial misconception of super mario brothers.

Poor guy. Just trying to help out the country.

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