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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Julie Donaldson Attacked by Boyfriend (Photos)

Beauty and the Beast

Julie Donaldson has accused Ivan Lattimore of beating her. The 32-year-old blonde, blue-eyed former Miss Florida USA winner had been dating the professional Slamball player since November 2007 and been beaten four times since then. The interval between beatings was only because he lived in California and had to commute to visit her. Her 6 foot 4 inch, 215 pound boyfriend first bruised her arms at the Super Bowl in Arizona. The second time, Lattimore grabbed her hair and forced her to punch herself.

Finally, Julie Donaldson had enough after the latest incident, which took place the night of her birthday, when Lattimore threw her five feet against a wall. After locking herself in the bathroom, the brutal boyfriend kicked in the door and punched her twice. He also bit her left cheek. Luckily, the assault occurred during a party, and one of the other guests called the police. After he was arrested, he even had the nerve to call Donaldson 47 times on her cellphone.

Born in Ponte Vedra, Florida, Julie Donaldson graduated from the University of Florida and went on the participate in several beauty pageants. After being crowned Miss Florida USA 2000, the beauty queen went on to compete in the Miss USA 2001 contest, but didn't place. For a career change, she went into the sportscasting business, working as an anchor for SportsNet in New York before leaving to report for WHDH-TV in Boston.

You can watch a video of Julie Donaldson conducting an interview:

Julie Donaldson Photo Gallery

Julie Donaldson in Black and White

Julie Donaldson in Black and White

Julie Donaldson

Julie Donaldson

Julie Donaldson in Bikini

Julie Donaldson in Bikini

Julie Donaldson Wins Miss Florida USA 2000

Julie Donaldson Wins Miss Florida USA 2000

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Reader Comments:

Wow what an a-hole. How could you mess up a face that good lookin.

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Ivan has beaten more than 11 women. He is quite the sweet talking guy who loves to beat up beautiful women. Yeah for Julie to finally put this guy away. She out ranks all the other girls for putting this monster away!

She took him back 3 times before finally saying "no more". It makes me sad that an apparently strong and intelligent woman would allow herself to accept such unacceptable behaviour. When will women learn to stand up for themselves?

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