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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Elyse Umemoto: Miss Washington Scandal (Photos)

Elyse Umemoto has been caught in a scandal on film. The 23-year-old Miss Washington 2007 has been photographed flipping off the camera and simulating oral sex with gang signs while wearing her pageant crown. Part Native American, Japanese, German, and Hispanic, she was the second runner-up in the 2008 Miss America pageant, which makes the photos a shocking departure from the virtues supposedly embodied by Miss America contestants.

After growing up on an Indian reservation, Elyse Umemoto went on to study at Pacific Lutheran University before joining the beauty contestant world. For Miss America, she ran on a platform focusing on socio-economic, diversity, and gender issues. Contestants in Miss America compete for educational scholarships, receiving $45 million in scholarships every year.

In the photos, Elyse Umemoto is caught in unscripted moments, and the field director of the Miss Washington Pageant in damage control mode says, "Elyse Umemoto is an outstanding young woman and has been a brilliant representative for the Miss Washington Scholarship Organization. We continue to be very proud of her. She is known for her raucous sense of humor and clowning around. It is unfortunate that her behavior in unguarded moments has attracted attention."

Watch video of Elyse Umemoto being crowned Miss Washington:

Elyse Umemoto Photo Gallery

 Elyse Umemoto Flips Off Camera

Elyse Umemoto Flips Off Camera

Elyse Umemoto Simulates Oral Sex Gang Sign

Elyse Umemoto Simulates Oral Sex Gang Sign

Elyse Umemoto Kisses Girl

Elyse Umemoto Kisses Girl

Elyse Umemoto Kisses Malibu Rum Bottle

Elyse Umemoto Kisses Malibu Rum Bottle

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