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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ashley Kaufmann: Lindsay Lohan's Sister (Photos)

Ashley Kaufmann is the long-lost sister of Lindsay Lohan. The 13-year-old daughter of Michael Lohan has been alleged to be the sister of the 22-year-old pop star. Apparently, Lohan's father had a four-week affair with Kristi Kaufmann, who he first met at dinner in the 1980s, but she only became pregnant after they began their short-lived relationship in 1994. What might explain the gap between Michael's first meeting with Kristi and subsequent affair is his conviction for securities fraud in 1990 and his resulting four year sentence. In 1994, he would only have recently gotten out of jail.

Recently, Ashley Kaufmann's mother has been widely publicizing that her daughter is Lohan's half sister, releasing photos to the press for wide distribution. The pressure has been enough that after refusing to acknowledge his secret daughter for years, Michael has finally taken a paternity test with results to be announced soon. Lindsay is apparently taking the news of her unknown half sister badly. Lohan's dad says, "I haven't spoken to Lindsay or my other kids about it yet. When I get home to New York, I'll discuss it with my kids. I love them. I'm sorry for them finding out like this."

Despite his protestations that Ashley Kaufmann is not his daughter, Michael apparently sent several letters admitting their relationship even asking that Ashley "just call me Daddy." But time will tell whether the dad with a criminal past is telling the truth or whether there will yet be an Ashley Lohan.

Daryl Kaufmann, Ashley Kaufmann's other father, is a real estate agent. They appear to live in Florence Montana next to a small lake, according to Google Maps (see satellite image below).

Ashley Kaufmann Photo Gallery

Ashley Kaufmann

Ashley Kaufmann

Ashley Kaufmann Leans Against Tree

Ashley Kaufmann Leans Against Tree

Ashley Kaufmann Home

Ashley Kaufmann's Home, Satellite Image

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Reader Comments:

Oh good - now maybe Daryl's first ex-wife can locate him to collect support for the two kids he walked off and left more than 30 years ago.

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Kristy was a massage therapist that had an affair with(her client)my husband at the time. They are very disfuntional people and if mike lohan is proven to be Ashley's father then he needs to fight to get custody; believe it or not he would make better parent. If he has to pay any back child support it should go the different men that have supported Ashley over the years or maybe to the wives of these men that have not been able to pay court ordered spousal maintenance due to supporting her and her *****of a mother.

it's funny because last summer I met Ashley and she told me she was Lindsay's half sister. I kind of believe her because she looks alot like Lindsay. But now it's true or possibly is. She is very nice girl and I like her alot! It's just weird how I just saw her on T.V and how I know her.

(Ashley if you read this call me but i'm going to call you tomarrow so yeah :D)

What a bunch of morons!!! Talk about dysfunctional and attention seeking freaks.

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