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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Reduce DVD and CD Drive Speed for Quieter Movie Playback

Does your DVD player make a horrible screeching or whirring sound whenever you insert a movie disc?

This happens because your drive is spinning the disc too quickly, and the din can sometimes be so annoying that you can't relax and watch the movie.

Nero DriveSpeed

Nero DriveSpeed is one solution to the problem, letting you tweak your DVD or CD drive's read speed so you no longer need to worry about excessive drive noise. After you load a disc into the drive, you can run DriveSpeed in either Silent or Fast modes. If you're watching a movie, you'll want a quiet movie playback experience so select the Silent mode. If you need to transfer data and files quickly to your hard drive, choose the Fast mode.

It's also possible to set your own custom read speed under the Options menu as well as customize the drive's spin-down time.

Direct Download:

Nero DriveSpeed

DriveSpeed Manual (PDF)


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