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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DailyMotion Lets You Watch Pirated Movies in High Definition?

The French video sharing site DailyMotion, notorious for hosting massive amounts of copyrighted movies and TV shows, is now moving to support high-definition videos that are uploaded by users.

While this may be a boon for home video recorders filming with  HD digital video cameras, most likely it means that HD DVD and Blu-ray rips of popular movies and TV shows will now be uploaded online and still retain the crispness and resolution that a DVD offers. Although one special requirement is that you need to be a verified MotionMaker to upload HD videos, but you only need to have one video approved to get validated.

High-definition videos will be reincoded into 720p HD for online playback so it's recommended that you have a fast connection and computer.

dailymotion high definition


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We do filter all content (using audio and now video fingerprinting. So, no, we allow pirated material through Motionmaker accounts. We are offering a growing library of both UGC and premium (such as National Lampoon) content that will be delivered in HD.

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