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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The End of Stage6, Joox, and High-Quality Pirated Movies

DivX's high-definition YouTube-clone, Stage6, will officially shut down today which means that all of those high-quality pirated movies and TV series hosted on its servers will also disappear with it.

Sites like Joox that are built exclusively out of links to videos hosted on Stage6 seem to be in jeopardy of extinction with no clear alternative high-quality video sharing site, although this may change once Dailymotion starts to open up its high-def service more widely.

So where can you go now to satiate your online video entertainment needs? Some alternative, legal high-definition video services are Joost and Babelgum, but you won't find as rich a library of content as on the soon-to-be-lamented Stage6.

The next Stage6 is still waiting to be discovered.

divx stage6


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www.veoh.com the next stage6
download veoh TV

I would check out MyJoox.net.

They track a bunch of different sites and they will send you updates when movies become available.

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