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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jonas Brothers Fan Club

The Jonas Brothers have launched an online fan club, Team Jonas, to let fans purchase concert tickets before they are made available to the general public. The three brothers, Joseph, Nicholas, and Kevin, are best known for their Christian teen pop vocals. Their self-titled album, "Jonas Brothers", went platinum with songs like "SOS" and "When You Look Me in the Eyes" among the most popular.

The Jonas Brothers Fan Club has already begun offering presales of tickets to their Summer 2008 tour, which is called "Burning Up", for club members. Each member gets a code that they can use to redeem 4 tickets.

Their fame has already inflated their ego sufficiently that the privilege of joining their fan club is anywhere from $34.99 to $59.99 depending on what kind of membership you want.

Is listening to their music in person worth the expense of a club membership? Maybe for tweens. A review of the Jonas Brothers' album "It's About Time" says:

Nicholas Jonas still has an incredible voice that has plenty of room to grow, but in many areas of the album, it clashes with his brothers. When you add that to lyrics that are shallow and music that can't decide if it wants to be bubblegum pop or pop/punk, you don't get much that will appeal to anyone beyond the pre-tween crowd - no matter how "hot" the 6th graders think Nick is.

I don't know why the label decided to scrap Nick's solo album in favor of this, but I think it was a bad move.

Jonas Brothers Fan Club
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Reader Comments:

I love the Jonas brothers i think they are great singers and dancers and super hot

I love the Jonas brothers Nick is super hot!!!! They are also super talented<3

nick u r so hot

so people mag has an issue all about JONAS BROTHERs! i found the number to get a copy too 1800 541 9000! THERe are awesome pics too!!


It WaZ sO fReEkIn AwSoMe

nick is really cute i wonder how come he dont make and cristian music any more

OMG Joe is the hottest in the world! Dont tell my BF! LOL LOVE YOU JOE!

ummmm call jonas brother on this number


my friend friend's call him and asked him on a date and he said"sure!" U might be a lucky girl any day!

why do you love them so much? I dont think that's because of their talent, it's only because they're cute!!! I like their music

i love the jonas brothers i just got a phone call from them the other day but i missed the call i was so mad

Whoa, did you guys catch the interview Ryan Seacrest did with the Jonas Brothers on KIIS FM today? AWESOME interview!


Defend the Jonas Brothers!

Go to http://www.squidoo.com/thejonasbrothersarereallygirlsindisguise

"The Jonas Brothers are Really Girls in Disguise"

Defend the Jonas Brothers!

Go to http://www.squidoo.com/thejonasbrothersarereallygirlsindisguise

The debate is called: "The Jonas Brothers are Really Girls in Disguise"

iam really big fan i wood luv too see them in reel life

my name is matthew edson can som bodycall the jonus brothers and yes iam a guy tell the jonus brothers too call me 658 3288

I love the Jonas Brothers they are so hot and great singers and dancers. i love them!

hey guys!! i live in orlando, florida and just found out about this site where you can win backstage passes to meet the jonas brothers!! here's the site below:


i love nick jonas!! <3 =) call me! 2673425558 or text <3 he is so talented!

i think that nick jonas is the hottiest guy in the world

Hello! Jonas brothers rock ice! Well anyways congrats on your cd! Awesome. I'm buying your music on amazon.com coool i guess. By love you. Sunny lover, jp

Sunny again I can't get over u Nick!

nick i have the same birthday as you

hi joe my name is mj and i just wanted to say how are you and when is your brithday i what to know and how old are you you are so so so so cute1111111111111.......

hi nick my email is mericlairewilliams@gmail.com

I can't believe Kevin just turned 21 OMG!!!! I want to be his 21st b-day present ;) .
My bff sent me this and I was freakin out. We've been spreading the word to get this site shut down because it's lies and total bs.


stacy k :X

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