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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Complete Guide to Watching TV Shows and Movies Online

With the popularity of our complete guide to online music, we decided to put together another complete guide: this time focusing on watching TV shows, movies, and other videos online.

There are literally hundreds of sites that let you watch professionally-produced video content online so you never have to worry about setting your VCR or DVR for fear of missing your favorite programs.

As far as we can tell, these sites are legal because they only link to copyrighted videos; they don't actually host them on their own servers. That means sites like YouTube, Google Video, and Dailymotion are doing all the heavy lifting. Of course, we've also included a smattering of sites that do hold the rights to the videos they post online.

The Complete(?) Guide to Watching TV Shows and Movies Online

1. Alluc: Very popular site to watch TV shows and movies. Large video selection. Review


2. Peekvid: Features movies, TV series, and cartoons. Examples: "Harry Potter", "Prison Break", and "Rush Hour 3". Review

3. Joox: A nice selection of high-quality movies uploaded to Stage6. Review

4. SSUpload: Regularly updated with the latest movie releases.

5. Vid2C: Like it says, brings videos to your computer. Videos divided into 10 categories. Review

tv links

.6. TVLinks: Links to many TV shows, naturally. Features RSS feeds for updates in all categories. Owner was arrested in the UK so TVLinks may be shut down for good.

7. TVGuide: The classic guide of TV listings goes online with links to your favorite TV shows. Review.

8. Podnix: Shows you all the TV shows and movies that you can watch on one page. Review

9. SideReel: Combines links to videos online with a wiki and discussion board. Review


10. Videohybrid: Request and watch movies and TV shows. Get karma points for posting links to videos. Review

11. LikeVid: Standard links to streaming video of TV channels along with popular videos from YouTube and other sites. Review

12. AllofTV: Hundreds of TV shows uploaded, including "Heroes" and "Lost". Review

13. Crunchyroll: The place to watch anime and Asian music videos and dramas. Review

14. OpenFLV: Create playlists of video you find online. Much copyrighted content included in those playlists. Review

15. MovinFlicks: Headache-inducing scroll displays the movies that are available. Up for sale so it might not last for long. Review

aol in2tv

16. AOL In2TV: AOL site that features full episodes of classic shows like "Babylon 5", "Bugs Bunny", "Spenser for Hire", and "La Femme Nikita". Very large selection. Review

17. YouTVpc: Links to  shows like "24" and "Grey's Anatomy" among hundreds of others. Currently undergoing a complete re-design. Featured in WSJ. Review


18. ShareTV: An online TV Community with 500+ TV shows. Create your own personal profile to share your favorite shows.

19. TestCard.tv: Online TV aggregator. Currently under maintenance as a result of TVLinks owner's arrest.

20. More sites to come. In the meantime, did we miss your site? Let us know by email or in the comments.


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Reader Comments:

is bed Room media leagal?

I think the site itself is legal because it doesn't host any copyrighted content. It only contains links, but I'm not a lawyer.

Try out FreeTube it's pretty good.

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