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Monday, September 03, 2007

Online Movie and TV Watching for the Undecided Video Pirate

Podnix may appeal to that segment of the online movie pirate market that likes to randomly skip from video to video.

The video site collects and categorizes movies, anime/manga, cartoons, TV shows, and music videos. Within each category, it puts all the video links on one page in alphabetical order so you can easily scroll and see exactly which episode of Prison Break (for instance) that Podnix has been able to snag.

podnix video

It makes for a messy, but also quick, way of determining if the video you are looking for is listed. And if you don't know what to watch next, you can just click on another link and hope serendipity delivers. That may be the most unique, if unintended, feature of Podnix.

Helpfully, an "info" link is included next to each link so if you don't know what 12 oz. Mouse is about, you won't be mystified for long. More recognizable names like West Wing, Doctor Who, and Heroes are also represented and tend to dominate the site.


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Great Site!, But it is not very organised, For example TV series are not listed seperately, It is done so in the website : RSdon TV , which is great for TV series!

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