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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Play Back Your Desktop Like a Movie: Create an Automated Screenshot Journal

Do you feel incredibly unproductive after spending hours in front of your computer? Do the hours just slip by and feel like seconds?

If so, TimeSnapper may be the utility you didn't know you needed. It takes automated screenshots of your computer screen and lets you play them back like a movie. This lets you figure out exactly what you've been spending your time on. Maybe you spend more time checking your email than getting work done. Or maybe your desktop is too cluttered, making it impossible to find important files.

Whatever the reason, you'll be able to identify the crucial elements that are slowing down your productivity by playing back the actions you take during the day.

It's incredibly easy to set up. Once you open up TimeSnapper, you can set up the length of the intervals between screenshots and specify where to store them. One minute is probably sufficient. Any less, and your hard drive will start filling up too much. Then hit the Record button to get started.

Hit Stop when you're done recording, and click on Play Movie to play back what happened during the day. You can use the calendar to pick the day to playback as well as choose the speed of playback.

I recommend getting the free classic version since it's sufficient for most users.

Direct Download: TimeSnapper Classic


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