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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Promicin: The Drug Scandal You've Never Heard Of

What is promicin? It's a fictional drug that gives users superhuman abilities, but can also kill them. The drug scandal we're referring to takes place in the world of The 4400, a TV series about 4400 people who were abducted and returned with superpowers.

In order build momentum as the upcoming season approaches, six websites have been launched with 80 videos that depict various factions that support, oppose, or are neutral to the drug. You can watch them at Promicin Power and Promicin Terror. The videos are clearly meant to be viral with embed code helpfully located beneath each video for easy widespread distribution.

One video is reminiscent of drug ads with soothing music and smiling people talking about how good they feel:

Another takes the classic Daisy presidential campaign commercial and gives it a different spin:


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