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Monday, May 21, 2007

And Now For a Word... : Changes at Digital Alchemy

Loyal readers who are used to reading Digital Alchemy at our old address on Blogspot.com may be in for a shock. We have transitioned from http://21st.blogspot.com to http://www.digitalalchemy.tv. But don't panic!

Thanks to the custom domain feature in Blogger, all the old links redirect to our new domain so you can keep using them, but we recommend you re-bookmark frequently used links.

For those of you subscribing via RSS, this change won't affect you at all.

Why did we make the switch? Digital Alchemy focuses on technology with an emphasis on new media, meaning online video, music, virtual worlds, and other forms of digital entertainment. The .TV extension thus makes a lot of sense for us.

For another thing, it's nice to have our own domain that we can control. It also frees us up to promote this blog more, knowing that any links we build will point toward a domain with more permanence.

The primary cons we considered (among many) were:
  • the possibility that we will lose our hard-earned Google PageRank (currently 5)
  • the necessity of changing all of our old URLs to our new one in directories and search engines
  • reader confusion (why did I get redirected to www.digitalalchemy.tv?)
But outweighing all of that is knowing that we will have more flexibility in improving Digital Alchemy in the future. For instance, moving from Blogger to WordPress, which we have seriously considered doing especially since version 2.2 of WordPress makes it extremely easy to migrate.

What can you expect from us in the future? More of same, but better. We will continue bringing you cutting-edge coverage of the digital sphere and continually evolve our mission in order to serve you better.

Please let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns. We can't personally respond to every email, but we read each one carefully.


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