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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The YouTube of News: NuVu.TV

NuVu.TV is the YouTube of news, literally. The design of the site is eerily evocative of YouTube, but NuVu does introduce some interesting features to set itself apart.

News videos are categorized according to both subject (sports, entertainment, etc.) and region (Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Europe). Videos are also transcribed so you can read the text of the video no matter what language the original broadcast was in. This is an incredibly useful feature for viewers, but must also be incredibly labor intensive to provide.

Because its video content is mainly sourced from news agencies, NuVu.TV has signed deals with Reuters and the Associated Press as well as smaller local broadcasters to license their broadcasts.

News would seem to be one area where video sharing doesn't make sense, but NuVu.TV does allow users to upload their own (or others') videos. It could become a platform for news podcasters to get more exposure.

The ability to understand news broadcasts in any language through the transcription feature is one of the biggest selling points of NuVu.TV, but a major problem they face is timeliness. Users will want to be able to watch breaking news as it happens, and it isn't certain how quickly NuVu.TV will be able to keep up.


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