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Friday, May 18, 2007

Advertise on Digital Alchemy

Digital Alchemy reaches over 500,000 unique visitors every month, generating over 800,000 monthly pageviews. Our rapid growth has been accompanied by an equally rapid rise in our number of RSS subscribers, which currently stands above 900.

With a tight focus on delivering the latest digital media news, we have written over 800 articles in 11 months, covering all aspects of technology from streaming video to emerging Web 2.0 trends.

We currently offer premium advertising space above the fold on the right column. We are partnering with the BlogAds Network to offer the following types of ads:
  • A standard sized ad (150x200) priced at $60 for one week, which is a low effective CPM of $0.30 for 200,000 impressions.

  • A hi-rise ad (150x600 pixels) currently priced at $200 for one week for a low eCPM of $1.00.

  • The mini (150x100) ad priced at $50 a week for an eCPM of $0.25.

  • The classie (text) ad priced at $20 a week for an eCPM of $0.10.
To get a better idea of how your ad will look, you can see examples of sample BlogAds ads as well as size comparisons of the different ad types.

We also offer ad spaces for longer durations: 2 weeks, 1 month, and 3 months with the pricing adjusted proportionally. Based on current growth rates, we expect our pageviews to grow substantially in the coming weeks and months so the present eCPMs will drop significantly over the duration of your ad buy.

If you are interesting in advertising with us, please click on this link to place an order at Blogads.
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