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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dealing with RSS Overload: How Scoble Reads 622 RSS Feeds

How does A-list vlogger/blogger Robert Scoble read 622 RSS feeds every day? In this hyper-kinetic video taped with author Timothy Ferris, he explains that he has a certain way of looking at each feed item, scanning information like author, tags, and number of links to decide what's worth reading in-depth and what's not.

Another "secret weapon" is Google Reader, which lets you use keyboard shortcuts to navigate feeds. The downsides are bad search and not working offline.

Having used Spotback as my primary feed reader for a while now, I've been trying out Google Reader as a replacement now that Spotback has changed its focus to developing widgets. Search is a definite weak spot. In fact, I couldn't even find the search box. The plus side is the river of news feature that lets you scroll to very efficiently see new feed items.

Learn more Scoble tricks by watching the interview:



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