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Monday, February 19, 2007

Free Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Download; Run Multiple OSes on the Same Computer

To ease upgrading difficulties, Microsoft has released a free copy of Virtual PC 2007 in the wake of Windows Vista's release. Virtual PC lets you run multiple operating systems on your computer so you could run, say, MS-DOS, Windows XP, and Vista together on the same computer.

Each OS runs in its own separate window, and you can easily drag and drop files and folders between each one. To switch from one OS to another, you just click on the window that's running the OS you want to access.

You can use this flexibility to run older, legacy applications that don't run on Vista, but do run on an older OS. Another helpful feature is that you can control the access of each OS to your Internet connection so you can quarantine suspicious programs by running them in Virtual PC.


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