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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pay Attention!: The Top 200 Most Time Consuming Sites

Web analytics company Compete.com has released its list of the top 200 attention-getting sites. With sites like MySpace, Yahoo, and Google dominating the listings, it doesn't represent a radically different way of ranking site popularity compared to the more traditional Alexa listing of top sites.

Dubbed the Compete Attention 200, the list assigns an Attention Share to each site with MySpace taking up a whopping 11.9% of web surfers' time followed by Yahoo at 8.5% and MSN at 3.7%. It goes to show how portals and social networking sites are monopolizing a great deal of their community's time and energy whereas more pure search sites like Google get a relatively measly 2.1%.

Interestingly, however, YouTube only captured 0.56% of users' attention. Perhaps users go to YouTube for a quick video hit before returning to the more important task of re-designing their MySpace profiles.

Of course, sites that are very good at getting your attention might not be using it very wisely. A complicated, badly designed site can take up a lot of your time, but give you very little reward for your efforts. So attention still is not the holy grail of engagement metrics. Nonetheless, Compete has come up with a neat metric that may be to Web 2.0 what page views were to Web 1.0.


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