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Thursday, February 08, 2007

YouTube Founders Get $730 Million Payday; Sequoia Gets $440 Million

How are YouTube's founders feeling today? Pretty damned good, according to an SEC filing that lists exactly how much they're getting in Google stock for closing the YouTube acquisition in October.

PaidContent highlights the salient points in the filing:
  • Chad Hurley received 694,087 Google shares and another 41,232 shares in a trust. Based on Google’ market price of $470.01, that values Hurley’s stake at $345.6 million.
  • Co-founder Steve Chen received 625,366 Google shares and another 68,721 in a trust, indicating his stake is valued at $326.2 million.
  • Jawed Karim, the third co-founder, received 137,443 Google shares, with an indicated value of $64.6 million.
  • Sequoia Capital’s holdings include 941,027 Google shares as part of its Sequoia Capital XI fund, with an indicated current value of more than $442.3 million.
That's how $1.65 billion gets divided up.


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