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Monday, January 29, 2007

Google Books Get Put on the Map

Google Book Search has rolled out a novel mashup of books and maps. This is one of those brilliantly simple examples of how digitized books can add value to the user experience. You can now see the locations mentioned in quite a few books pinned onto a world map. While many Google fans have created their own mashups of Google services, this is one of the few times that Google has created one of its own.

The Inside Google Book Search blog says:
So why not visualize places mentioned in books on a map? Now you can. Our team has begun to animate the static information found in books by organizing a sample of locations from them on an interactive Google Map, with snippets of text from the book, and links to the actual pages where the locations are mentioned. When our automatic techniques determine that there are a good number of quality locations from a book to show you, you'll find a map on the "About this book" page.
Books like Around the World in Eighty Days (of course), The Travels of Marco Polo, and even The 9/11 Commission Report have been mapped.


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