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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Barter 2.0: Swap a Skill with a Neighbor

UK-only Swap a Skill lets you find someone else in your community to exchange favors with. Say you want to learn how to knit. Maybe you know how to fix the plumbing. You use Swap a Skill to find someone who knows how to knit, who needs your plumbing skills. The idea is to barter skills, not engage in a cash exchange, so you need to work out a fair deal where what you give and what you get is agreeable to both parties.
Eventually, the site will require a 6 pound unlimited monthly contact fee if you want to arrange a meeting with your skilled counterpart, but for now, it's free. It's looking like Swap a Skill is sticking to the UK so readers not residing there are out of luck with using the service.

Arguably, the most innovative aspect of the site is its unique floating windows approach to site navigation. Clicking on any link will open up a floating window on top of the homepage. It doesn't open a new browser window however. You can even move the windows around. The only comparable case I can think of is Krugle's tabbed approach to site browsing. Check it out below:


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