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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Full Episodes of Supernatural, Veronica Mars, and More Legally Available

The CW has joined the rest of the major broadcast networks in offering full episodes of its series online. You can now watch shows like Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Beauty and the Geek, and One Tree Hill online.

They're taking a page out of Fox's book by using Move Network's plugin instead of Flash to stream high-quality video to your screen. You'll probably notice that the picture is noticeably better than what you'll find on the other network's sites.Tags: , , , ,


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What I've noticed about how the shows play on their website is the it SUCKS!!!! It's all hurky-jerky...stalling...cutting in and out with the audio...and it's just plain annoying. I don't know which one that ABC.com is using, but I have NEVER had a problem with that type of thing happening while watching their online content. Whatever it is that the CW is using...they need to change it.

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just bloody let me watch season2 of supernatural online NOW

Except that the CW doesn't let viewers outside of the US watch episodes online. Very Frustrating!!

Anyone having trouble viewing episodes from outside the US should look at my post on using VPNs to access blocked shows.

I live in canada and I was wondering why people who lives outside the us can't watch supernatural or other tv show on the cw. Before I was watching it at fox but the cut it and put tmz. And also, do you know when the cw will come back on air ? (in canada) Thanks Jennifer

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