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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Picturing Your VisualDNA to Help You Make Friends and Find Gifts

UK-based Imagini wants to help you find friends and gifts through pictures. It works sort of like a Rorschach test: you select a series of pictures based on prompts like "Your favourite color is..." or "Art is...", and you get back suggested friends or gifts. The idea is to use the pictures you select to identify your "VisualDNA".
They're looking to target both the social networking and shopping spaces with this innovative approach to learning consumer preferences. Although I'm a little skeptical about how accurate this approach is, over time Imagini might build up a large enough VisualDNA database to tease out some interesting correlations. Certainly, they can already get some interesting demographic correlations by asking you about your age, sex, and location.

This approach to the problem of identifying a person's tastes and wants is different from traditional approaches like Amazon.com's recommendation system, which gathers information about your purchasing and viewing history to figure out what else you'd like to buy.

Interestingly, it's more like eHarmony's Compatibility Profile, which supposedly matches you up with a partner based on 29 "key" dimensions. Shopping as dating. Marketers would surely love to make that connection.

Imagini makes for a compelling approach to both social networking and gift buying. You can even put a widget with your VisualDNA on your blog or site. I wouldn't be surprised to see this site spread like wildfire based simply on its visual appeal.

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