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Monday, January 15, 2007

How to Become an Instant Cyberstar, or The Best of Technology Writing 2006

Want to know how to become an instant cyberstar? Or how about whatever happened to the inventor of the karaoke machine? These stories and more are collected in a free ebook called The Best of Technology Writing 2006. Released by the University of Michigan, the ebook is meant to kick-off its digitalculturebooks initiative.

Most of the content comes from mainstream sources like Technology Review and Slate, but I did come across one blog post that was deemed worthy of inclusion. The stories are eclectic: from one covering Homaro Cantu, an enterprising chef who creates food using a Canon inkjet printer, to a Wired story on China's trek toward alternative energy sources.

I always enjoy looking through best-of year-end retrospectives: they're often a good way to learn effective writing techniques, and you don't have to wade through the mass of literary detritus that gets produced every year to find something worth a read. This ebook is definitely worth your attention even if you don't want to become the next Star Wars kid or Lonelygirl15.


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