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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wikiseek: A Better Wikipedia Search Engine

Regular Wikipedia users will rejoice that they will no longer have to use the frustratingly inadequate search engine that comes standard on Wikipedia. Wikiseek is one of several "long tail" search engines that startup Search Me is launching in the near future. It indexes Wikipedia pages along with pages that are linked to from Wikipedia.

Search results always include three results from Wikipedia which are hightlighted in blue. The rest of the results come from pages that are referenced in Wikipedia articles.

A neat tag cloud lets you refine searches by category, and helpful Firefox and IE7 search plugins put the power of Wikiseek at your fingertips. More advanced users might want to install the search extension that puts a Wikiseek button next to the standard Wikipedia search box.

Charitably, the majority of advertising revenue generated by Wikiseek will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation.


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