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Thursday, December 28, 2006

How to Redirect Your Feedburner RSS Feed

If you're looking to re-brand your blog or move it to another domain, you might have considered changing the URL of your RSS feed, but hesitated because you didn't want to lose the blog readership that you've painstakingly built up. The blog Social Media faced the same dilemma and contacted Feedburner to find out how to make the change happen seamlessly. Here are the steps if you use Feedburner to manage your RSS feed:
Step 1: Go to your My Feeds page. Select the name of your old feed that you want to redirect, and click 'edit feed details.'

Step 2: In the field called 'original feed,' type in (or copy) your new feed (mine is: 'http://feeds.feedburner.com/typepad/social_media') and click the button labeled 'save feed details.'

Step 3: Click 'delete feed' (right next to 'edit feed details'). Don't be nervous — check the box labeled 'use 30 day redirection'. Click the button that says 'delete this feed now.'
I haven't tried out the directions, but it looks like Feedburner keeps your current feed active for 30 days while it informs subscribers (or rather their feed aggregators) of the change of address. The whole process should happen invisibly to your readers.


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